Zydus Cadila’s Sumptuous India offices

by Madelein
Zydus Cadila’s Sumptuous India offices

Iram Sultan studio took their signature style to a sumptuous new level when designing leading pharmaceutical company, Zydus Cadila’s 1 858m² offices in Gujarat on India’s western coast. Known for their bespoke and uncompromising design, Iram Sultan is regarded by Architectural Digest India’s AD 100 as one of most influential names in architecture and interior design.

Reflection of essence
The studio wanted the interior spaces to reflect the work of the firm and achieved this by basing each room’s structure on the shape of tablets and pills, creating an intricate balance between materiality, volume and adept detailing.

The company logo has been adapted to create an intriguing marble flooring pattern in the corridors, while the cross symbol has been meticulously interspersed across numerous surfaces throughout the office. This is particularly apparent in the main corridor that leads to both wings of the office floor.
Patterns of Pills
Iram Sultan studio took visual cues from common medicinal products when designing the office interiors, which feature curved archways and vaulted ceilings. The image of pills was also extended to the wall panels and door mouldings, which feature the shape of two halves of a broken-apart pill. On either side of each door at skirting level are small inlaid pieces of bronze carved in the shape of a circle and a cylinder to represent a tablet and a pill.

“The design is also beautiful because of the balance we managed to achieve in both the material palette and the space volumes,” commented the studio. “It is a serene space with quiet drama that we created using bespoke elements, clever details and unexpected materials.”

A material palette of dyed oak veneer, delicate bronze sheets and wooden flooring that has been mindfully curated to accentuate beautiful, warm lighting, is another distinguishing element of the project.

Whimsically Bespoke
The boardroom carpet is another wonderfully curated area, where algebraic signs in the firm’s colours (black, red and blue) creating a whimsical metaphor. According to the studio, the scientific equations are “a gentle nod to the bedrock of research that the company is built on” and was one of the most fun elements to create.

The project is beautiful for us because it reflects the client brief perfectly,” said the Iram Sultan studio. “While fulfilling all the requirements of an office space, the space is not a typical cookie-cutter design, but a bespoke creation made specifically for the people who use it.”

A pill-shaped lacquered table inlaid with dried flowers by Rooshad Shroff, acts as the centrepiece in one of the meeting rooms, while another meeting room is punctuated with a large, dark table whose base mimics the shape of a rock. These sculptural pieces are an abstract homage to the plant-based ingredients that go into Zydus Cadila products.

To extend this theme, the curved corners of the walls are dotted with small, handmade porcelain art pieces that are designed to be an abstract representation of plant-based elements.

Warm with Wood
Iram Sultan extended the medical cross symbol across the whole office floor, incorporating it into various tables as a black cross at their centre or as sculpted, three-dimensional forms of the shape across the surface.
To warm the interiors, the studio clad the walls in dyed oak veneer. Thin sheets of bronze wrap around each archway lining the corridors, which also work to accentuate the spaces as they reflect the light.

In contrast to the surrounding hallways, wooden floors of a slightly darker tone feature in individual offices.

Personal Individuality
The Zydus Cadila chairman’s office floor was Iram Sultan’s second project for the client, having previously designed the interiors for their home. “A project very close to our heart,” said the studio. “When we started work on this space, we had established a relationship of trust and understood the client well.”

Each individual office is tailored according to the user’s personality and their work requirements. One office features soft grey lower-wall panels made from stone, while another contains a large oblong desk and has walls completely clad in light veneer.

“The project has been designed in the spirit of collaboration, beginning with the clients and adding other collaborators like product designers, manufacturers, contractors and consultants,” the studio concluded.

Iram Sultan’s Zydus Cadila office has been longlisted in the large workspace interior category of Dezeen Awards 2020.

With special thanks to Newswire for the information contained in this article.
For more information visit https://www.dezeen.com/2020/08/27/iram-sultan-zydus-cadila-office-interior-design/#/

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