Zinc profile enables striking roof designs

by Tania Wannenburg
Zinc profile enables

Rheinzink’s angled standing seam option is ideal for large roof areas.

A relatively modern development in the field of traditional sheet metal technology, the angled standing seam option from Rheinzink is particularly suitable for visible design areas of metal roofs with a roof pitch greater than 25°C as well as for rounded parapets, fascias, attics and mansard roofs.

“Whether running in the traditional vertical direction, diagonally or horizontally, the angled seam offers greater seam width than the double standing seam and is an eye-catching feature even over large areas of roofing,” says Stephen Wilkinson, business manager at Rheinzink South Africa.

“As the angled standing seam looks wider than the double standing seam, striking effects are achieved with the first turn of the seam. Therefore this elegant profile lends a vibrant, distinctive structure to large surface projects,” he adds.

Tapering, concave and convex designs are possible for roof pitches from 25°C, or 35°C in regions with heavy snowfall. Lengths of up to 16m are possible for roofing applications.

Panels can also either be pre-profiled or fabricated on site. Closing the seams of the prefabricated sections is simple, compared with the double standing seam. The angled standing seam is completed simply by folding in one leg. Trays can easily expand and surface distortions are avoided as less stress is placed on the metal when the seam is formed.

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Main features:
•    Design through distinct lines.
•    Cost-efficient for virtually every building style.
•    Ideal for roof pitches more than 25°C.
•    Rainproof longitudinally seamed joints.
•    Simple, efficient installation.
•    Roof applied solar solutions possible.
•    Environmentally friendly declared product.

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