It can be very frustrating when paint does not adhere to a sealed joint and the colour of the sealant is nowhere near the aesthetic colour finish required. Fortunately, nowadays it is possible to easily paint sealants and adhesives.
Den Braven’s Wet on Wet, for example, is a premier paintable sealant and because it is ready for painting immediately after application, no time is wasted waiting for the sealant to dry.

With a wide range of paintable sealants and adhesives suitable for specific applications, it is most important to select the correct product for the job on hand:
•    Acryl-W is perfect for filling internal small cracks and joints such as walls and ceiling cornices.
•    Hybriflex-540 is ideal for sealing expansion joints in concrete and natural stone, among many other surfaces.
•    Polyflex-422is a polyurethane sealant renowned for its workability and durability in sealing many common building material surfaces.
•    Tectane 452 was designed for jointing and anchoring in metal as well as mechanical constructions and refrigeration plants.
•    Woodflex is meant for floors and woodwork, and it doesn’t discolour when painted with clear varnish. Available in six colours.
•    PU Foam is expansion foam with high-strength, gap-filling capabilities. It can be directly painted or may be plastered over and then painted.

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Caption Main Image: Paintable sealants for a range of specific areas of application.