The new TKS 80 table saw is the first Festool saw with ingenious innovative SawStop technology for ultimate safety while sawing. If the saw blade encounters the user’s skin, it stops immediately, in less than 5 milliseconds – 10 times faster than an airbag – and disappears back into the work surface reducing the risk of serious cutting injuries.

The new series

The SawStop TKS 80 EBS Series includes two new models, the TKS 80 EBS and the TKS 80 EBS SET plus an attractive range of dust extractors and useful accessories.

Festool demo Saws

Every year approximately 4000 people are injured by circular saws, corresponding to 16 injuries per working day. With the new TKS 80 table saw, the risk of most serious cutting injuries during sawing is drastically reduced. While you concentrate on your work, we protect your most valuable tools – your fingers. The saw blade detects contact with human skin via an electrical signal on the saw blade. If such a contact is detected, the SawStop system is activated and stops the saw blade in less than 5 milliseconds.


  • Improved safety: Less risk for your fingers. The responsive sensor on the integrated SawStop technology provides increased safety when sawing nonconductive materials.
  • Flexible: 80mm cutting height, extendable work surface, stopper and angle stop enable flexible work, even with large workpieces.
  • Splinter-free cuts: Fewer splinters on the upper surface of the material in mitre rip cuts by swivelling the saw blade to the left
  • Protects your health: Dust extraction attachment with Festool CLEANTEC extraction sleeve for dust-free work and a free view of the workpiece.
  • Space-saving: Tool garage attached on the side provides optimal storage space for saw blades, cartridges, and push sticks.
  • Intelligent cartridge releases a pre-tensioned spring and pushes an aluminium block into the saw blade. After being triggered, the cartridge is replaced in just a few steps.

Festool has a huge selection of dust and dirt extractors to choose from that connect to all their power tools.

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