World first – Vinyl Flooring comes of age!

by Tania Wannenburg

New vinyl product from Traviata boasts unique properties due to the incorporation of the latest technologies.

The look, the feel and the performance of Traviloc – Isocore represents the culmination of consultation with the global contract community, a distillation of what architects, designers, contractors and end users demand from flooring today.

This product combines a number of cutting edge technologies to produce a floating floor system that matches the look of natural wood while delivering exceptional durability and comfort. The patented “Isocore” technology provides the backbone of the new flooring. A pioneering new development, this closed-cell PVC structure is light yet strong and stable, rigid without being brittle, making Isocore durable, easier to install and more aesthetically pleasing because it eliminates telegraphing from subfloor irregularities. It is also impervious to moisture, making the new Traviloc product 100% waterproof.

Isocore comes with an integral, factory applied underlay for increased comfort, warmth and noise absorption. Isocore’s 0,55mm commercial grade wear layer offers durable protection against the scuffs, chips and indentations which often plague real wood surfaces. In addition to the highly durable wear layer, Isocore also has a UV cured Urethane coating that incorporates Ceramic Bead particles for added wear resistance. The floor is also treated on the top and bottom surfaces with Ultra-Fresh, which inhibits the growth of odour and stain causing bacteria and fungi, providing an easy to care for and hygienic surface.

As the Isocore contains no plasticisers at all, the new Traviloc–Isocore flooring can be considered the most dimensionally stable product in its category and when tested at operating temperatures of up to 40deg C, it is literally inert.  

The omission of plasticisers and the use of 100% virgin vinyl in the top and wear layers add significantly to Isocore’s green credentials. There are also no phthalates or heavy metals in the product and is 100% recyclable at the end of its lifecyle. As such Traviloc–Isocore adds a whole new dimension to flooring.

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