Scheduled and unscheduled power outages have become a reality, with 1 130 hours of planned power cuts experienced in 2021 alone.

A bleak future for our electricity supply

A systematic, integrated approach and value for money way to manage your energy.

Recently, the country was warned that the future of its electricity supply isn’t bright. There are more power outages during the summer months due to high ambient temperatures and high rainfall in the northern parts of the country. During the colder winter months, the electricity supply is under pressure due to the higher demand for power. 

Energy experts at FM Solutions recommend that companies that have been considering investing in solar power, avoid delaying this decision any longer. “Loadshedding and interrupted power supplies will continue, and organisations are being impacted in productivity and profitability. It is best that they should become as self-sufficient as possible,” suggests David Petrie, technical manager of utilities at FM Solutions.

Prepare for higher costs, longer delays

Renewable energy has become more affordable, with the cost of solar photovoltaics (PV) reduced by approximately 90%. since 2000. The negative impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, growing global demand for solar PV equipment and international shipping delays have caused a sharp increase in the cost of solar PV systems in South Africa.

The system focusses on providing uptime, reduced consumption, and cost through effective metering.

Comprehensive solutions

FM Solutions Technical provides customised energy back-up and/or solar PV for your home and business. They offer sustainability, cost and operating efficiency and value for money. With solar PV, back-up inverter systems, battery supply and/or replacement, system design and integration, planned maintenance, financial analysis and operational reporting, remote monitoring and energy management, this is the solution for the foreseeable future in South Africa.

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