Wood-plastic composite decking

by Tania Wannenburg
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This new wood-plastic composite (WPC) is easy to install, low maintenance, durable as well as sustainable.

Many corporate clients and homeowners want wood flooring for outdoor applications. The new EchoDeck wood-plastic composite (WPC) from WanabiWood Flooring gives designers the opportunity to provide clients with a flooring solution that offers the aesthetic appeal of natural wood, without the associated maintenance involved with natural wood solutions.

WPC is easy to install, low maintenance, durable as well as sustainable. The EchoDeck WPC product comes with a 20-year warranty and it is resistant to cracking, splitting, splintering, rotting, distorting, warping, twisting and fading, as well as to moisture, water, heat and UV, fire, pests, acid and alkali.

The natural fibre and plastic material offers the benefits of colour options, longevity and strength that are synonymous with plastic flooring applications. Outdoor applications that are ideal for an EchoDeck installation include decking, landscaping, wooden bridges, outdoor furniture, signage, walkways, jetties and even homes and wooden huts.

EchoDeck is available in brown (Espresso) and grey (Tahiti) and there are two finish options, namely narrow and broader grooves. The flooring material has a natural wood grain texture and scent and the product can be stained or painted in order to match other exterior décor schemes.

Sustainable, low-maintenance exterior solutions

EchoDeck has been certified according to both ISO 9001 and ISO14001 standards. According to the company it is 100% recyclable and sustainable, and zero hazardous chemicals are used during the manufacturing process.

While the product will save time and money during installation, the cost savings are even more pronounced when considering that EchoDeck requires almost no maintenance. The colour will fade only very slowly over time, revealing a natural wood colour (which doesn’t have to be treated or repainted like natural wood).

Sustainability credentials, quick installation, pleasing aesthetics and low maintenance make EchoDeck a smart choice for outdoor applications.

For more information contact WanabiWood Flooring at 011 028 9499 or www.wanabiwood.co.za.

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