With high-end flooring, knowledge is power

by Ofentse Sefolo
With high-end flooring, knowledge is power

As with any building or renovation decision for a high-end living space, flooring is a big investment. Your clients want a quality result, good value for money, and a flooring system that will serve them well for years to come.

Knowledge is power when it comes to specifying the right flooring application, says Director of Diamond Products, Brian Clark.

“When deciding to install new floors, research is important and expertise from leaders in the industry is exactly what you want every step of the way, regardless of the flooring system you decide to use. High-end flooring solutions for living spaces are receiving more attention in recent years because customers know that a last-minute rush decision won’t give them the end result and longevity they are looking for. Designers and specifiers must have an in-depth understanding of a varied range of products in order to guide the customer to the best solution,” says Brian.

The flooring sector offers such a wide variety of customised flooring options that finding the right solution really does depend on being empowered with information.

“With the correct guidance, understanding and knowledge, you are bound to be extremely satisfied with the end result,” concludes Brian.

For more information, contact Diamond Products on + 27 (11) 552 8310 or via www.diamondpc.co.za.

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