Why specifying floors for commercial venues is so tough

by Madelein
Why specifying floors for commercial venues is so tough

Everyone wants a visually pleasing floor that will last a long time, but commercial venue floor specification comes with a unique set of challenges. These floors are subjected to long working hours, inevitable scratches, stains and scuffs, as well as high volumes of people each day.

Epoxy terrazzo flooring has become a popular choice among architects and designers who want a floor that will withstand the above mentioned issues, meet budget requirements and provide the aesthetics and functionality that are required.

Flowcrete South Africa’s seamless resin terrazzo range Mondéco has been designed to provide a customisable flooring option that combines luxurious aesthetics with hardwearing, hygienic properties. This solvent-free system is highly versatile and can be installed in a variety of complicated patterns.

Many commercial venues are opting for epoxy terrazzo systems because of their ability to reflect the location’s image and interior design scheme. On-brand designs and corporate identities can all be incorporated into this type of flooring.

How complicated patterns are achieved in epoxy terrazzo flooring
The unique and complex patterns are achieved by marking out precision-cut forms using metal trims on the floor in a matrix that designates each area of the design. The Mondéco material is then applied into the blocks in a paint-by-numbers style and ground to reveal a smooth, colourful finish.

Amongst other aspects of the flooring system that can be customised, how the floor glitters and shines can be creatively adapted using different decorative aggregates. Mondéco can incorporate a variety of light reflective additives, such as clear crystal, glass, mother of pearl and metal to create a shimmering lustre across the floor’s surface.

This ability to reflect a location’s brand identity was exemplified in the new SuperSpar in Secunda, which installed a multi-coloured floor with shapes, patterns and tones that matched the store’s different zones.

What if your deadlines are too tight for resin finishes?
Rapidly curing methyl methacrylate (MMA) systems mean that the floor’s rate of cure can be reduced to a mere two hours. Within Perth train station, 2 650m2 of the MMA system Flowfast Quartz Scatter was applied to create long, straight bands of different lengths in a wide spectrum of colours such as purples, greens, lilac and light red up and down the concourse area. The fast curing nature of this system meant that an attractive, high performance finish could be created with minimal disruption to the station’s thousands of daily users.

For more information, contact Flowcrete on Tel: +27 (31) 461 3411 or via www.flowcretesa.co.za.

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