Why join an industry body?

by Madelein
Why join an industry body?

Whether you are directly involved with wood and laminate flooring as an importer, installer or manufacturer, or you manufacture and distribute products associated with floorings such as sealers, adhesives, sanding equipment and screed compounds, there are benefits to becoming a SAWLFA (Southern African Wood and Laminate Flooring Association) member, says SAWLFA Chairperson, Pasi P Muzvidziwa.

“By joining SAWLFA, you will be joining this team of reputable businesses who have partnered with us to develop and maintain a high level of product and workmanship standards for the industry. We are the only association of our kind in sub-Saharan Africa and have been requested to do inspections in Namibia and Botswana – among other countries – with our goal being to continue to grow and become more accessible to the rest of Africa. Being a member creates customer confidence in your products and gives your company a high level of legitimacy,” says Pasi.

There are different categories of membership namely Corporate, Retailer, Installer and Associate. Corporate SAWLFA members include Azura Distributors, Belgotex Floorcoverings, Finfloor, Floorworx, Global Stream, Limegreen Resourcing Solutions, MacNeil, Quantum Products, Top Carpets and Floors, Shanira Flooring, Traviata Flooring, Wanabi Wood, Zimbo’s Trading Co, Oggie Flooring and Likewise Trading.

For more information, contact SAWLFA via www.sawlfa.co.za.

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