Quartz Carpet* recently introduced SUNEX, a single pack Aliphatic Polyurethane Binder that has vastly simplified the application methods of this timeless flooring system, making it a contractor’s dream. With the SUNEX Binder, floors are 100% UV stable and colourfast, meaning they will not fade, yellow or degrade in the harsh African environment.

The interior and exterior flooring, which is increasingly being specified by architects and designers in South Africa, is available in 36 colours and two aggregate sizes. Two of the reasons why professionals in the built environment continue to specify this flooring system are its durability and eco-conscious qualities.

Green flooring solutions
Quartz Carpet aggregate is processed under the strictest European standards in terms of the collection, aggregation, washing, decontaminating, fire burning, drying and packaging of the product, making it the ideal choice for designers who are working within green building and design code parameters. The company’s stone-processing plant in Belgium has been awarded the prestigious ISO 14001 certification for Environmental Management Systems. The resins used are specifically formulated for the harsh UV climate of Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands, and are 100% solvent free.

Other benefits of specifying these flooring systems include its outstanding hygienic qualities together with its low maintenance, stain resistance and cleaning requirements.

In today’s computerised commercial environments, it’s important to specify flooring that suits the function of the business and enhances the well-being of the occupants of the space. Proponents of quartz believe this ancient stone can help focus energy, boost memory and harness one’s natural abilities through the crystal’s interaction with your bio magnetic field. Quartz is said to enhance energy levels and is regarded as an excellent agent for balancing negative and positive energy fields.

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*Quartz Carpet is a Registered Trademark