Why geometric patterns are growing in popularity

by Darren
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The latest trends, geometric patterns, can be successfully applied to achieve beautiful results.

When it comes to interior design, it’s always key to keep an eye on trends. Currently, geometric patterns are becoming increasingly popular and are surfacing everywhere, from television shows to the pages of popular magazines.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t embrace current design trends in flooring installations and when done correctly, following trends is an excellent way to add a modern and polished look to any space.

Theresa Venter, FloorworX Marketing Manager, offers advice on how to incorporate these patterns into your interiors to ensure an end result that is simply beautiful.

“Trends, whether they’re related to interior design or otherwise, do not exist in a vacuum,” says Theresa. “If you look around at other areas of visual design – art, fashion, or beauty tends, for example – you will see that they all tend to share common threads in terms of representing styles that are popular. Popularity is also cyclical. Those who have been around for a few decades will start to notice that styles from their childhood are suddenly popular once again, though often interpreted with a fresh and modern twist.”

According to Theresa, the seventies styles are back in full swing. For a modern take on the seventies style, Theresa suggests to pair larger patterns with saturated colours.

Patterns are absolutely key and, in particular, geometric patterns is a way to create a room that meets interior design’s basic requirements while looking incredibly modern.

She believes that the first thing to decide on when creating your design vision is which parts of the design will have patterned pieces. “Great interior design is all about understanding which elements of the room should play a dominant role and which should act as more of an ‘assisting’ feature,” Theresa continues. “Flooring is the canvas and more often than not, it is the number one interior product that influences the direction you choose to take in terms of décor.”

She highlights that patterns should play more of an accent role. “Since patterns, and geometric designs in particular, pack such a big visual punch, less is more and a little can therefore go a long way, provided you’ve selected the appropriate visual interest.”

The FloorworX Wood Floor Manager, Steven Suntup has just completed his new Suntups parquet patterns, also known as herringbone wood designs.

There are nine traditional parquet patterns in this range to choose from. These patterns are designed from wood in their Oak range but for orders over 500m², they can be recreated in many other patterns. The benefits of ordering from their Oak range is the fact that all the wood for each deigns is already calculated and installation components are supplied accordingly. Oak can also be sealed naturally or stained to any colour specification. This design is suitable for hotels, restaurants and home owners looking for a unique look.

“If you wanted to make a more powerful statement with pattern-work, then a herringbone wood floor design would be the way to go in order to add instant visual interest,” concludes Theresa. “These particular floor designs are deemed classic and timeless and thus your investment in this wood will last forever.”

In the world of interior design, geometric patterns are becoming increasing popular. When it comes to redesigning a space, there’s no reason not to follow this trend.

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