Why designers should consider customised flooring

by Madelein
Why designers should consider customised flooring

Flooring is often handled as an afterthought in the planning and preparation of a project, usually when very little is left of the available budget. This part of an interior space comprises roughly 25% of the total area and can make a huge impact on the overall look and feel of the project, so not giving it the consideration it deserves can lead to a big missed opportunity to provide the WOW-factor.

Brian Clark, Director of Diamond Products, advises architects and designers to make allowances for flooring at the planning stage of any project, keeping in mind that floors are one of the first stages of preparation after foundations have been laid.

“Proper planning will determine the final look of any project, be it residential or commercial. With industries expanding as they do, the possibilities to make an impact are endless,” says Brian. If done correctly, customised flooring can add substantial value to any project.

“A well thought out, customised floor will add texture and personality to any design and this will deliver an impressive end result to be enjoyed by many for years after the project has been completed,” concludes Brian.

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