centralise water heating

Be wise, centralise. This is the message on bulk water heating from Alliance Commercial, one of South Africa’s fastest-growing brands in the air-conditioning and water-heating field. 

Centralised bulk water heating for multi-residential, commercial and industrial applications has become a popular choice for property developers, multi-residential building owners and in commercial and industrial process applications. In this article, Alliance explains the benefits of bulk heating with heat pumps. 

Cost saving 

A key benefit of using heat pumps in centralised water heating applications is that it reduces costs. Heat pumps are more efficient, using less electricity than traditional hot water elements or gas. On average, a heat pump would reduce the electricity cost by two thirds when heating a particular volume of hot water. This is achieved by extracting heat from the surrounding air, in combination with refrigeration technology in a heat-transferring process.  

Space efficient 

centralise water heating

Industrial hot water installation with Alliance 80kW direct heating heat pump.


Commercial water heating with heat pumps is more space efficient. A centralised plant room is established to produce the hot water, which allows for one point of maintenance and control for a particular facility.  

Heat pumps are robust in design and can therefore be installed outside, which means that they do not take up valuable indoor space. For buildings with limited available space, this can be particularly beneficial. 


Heat pumps produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions than traditional electric water-heating systems. This results in a lower environmental impact and a reduced carbon footprint, aiding developers and building owners in meeting sustainability goals. 

Smart choice 

The use of reliable commercial heat pumps in bulk water heating applications is a smart choice. With their high energy efficiency, reduction in electricity costs, space-saving design and sustainable benefits, heat pumps offer an environmentally friendly solution in the current economic and socio-economic environment. 

Source and supply 

centralise water heating

Roof top bulk water heating installation with 2 x Alliance 42kW direct heating heat pumps installed in parallel.

Fourways Group is the proud distributor of Alliance Commercial hot water heat pump solutions. It offers the largest range available on the African continent, consisting of commercial cycle heating units, direct heating units and specialised high temperature units capable of achieving temperatures of 75-80°C.  

The range is supported by internal experts and a national dealer network, who can advise on designs and applications for specific requirements. 


Bulk water heating with the use of heat pumps offers a resource efficient solution in the current economic and socio-economic environment. 


For more information, contact Fourways Group: 

Tel: +27 11 704 6320 

Email: info@allianceafrica.co.za 

Website: www.allianceafrica.co.za 

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