Why brass profiles are ideal for heavy traffic applications

by Madelein
Why brass profiles are ideal for heavy traffic applications

Brass profiles are high wear profiles, making them suitable for heavy pedestrian traffic areas. While they can be used in conjunction with laminates, carpets, tiles and other flooring types, they aren’t specified as often as aluminium or stainless steel because they are generally more costly. When designers do specify this profile, however, they are able to complement flooring types and enhance the look and feel of the floor.

Brass, like aluminium, is commonly used in its extruded form, making it a very good option for busy areas. Polished brass sheets can be used and bent into different profiles such as the square edge trim and the retrofit corner protector. The extrusion option provides many options, shapes, sizes and designs.

Kirk offers all profiles in natural as well as polished formats. Whilst the profiles are able to maintain their polished look in heavy traffic areas, brass profiles tend to tarnish after time in coastal regions and low traffic areas. To keep brass profiles shining, regular cleaning and polishing is necessary.

A wide range of brass products are currently in stock at Kirk. These include brass retrofit stair nosings, brass movement joints, tile in stairnosing, various size covers and transitions, formable straight edges, different size straight edges, round edge trims, flat bars, retrofit corner protectors and stair rods and ends. They can also create bespoke brass solutions to fit a designer’s requirements, but custom designed products will come at an additional cost depending on the specifications.

For more information, contact Kirk Marketing on +27 (11) 444 1441 or via www.kirk.co.za.

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