Who said garages can’t be beautiful?

by Tania Wannenburg
Sika beautiful garage floors Jnl 2 16

Beautifying garages is top of mind with Sika’s new epoxy coating.

Garage floors have to withstand heavy wear and tear as they are exposed to tyre marks of vehicles, scooters or bicycles and repeated oil spillages, both of which damage the floor and can leave it looking unattractive.

However, a garage floor coating can be one of the most aesthetically pleasing ways to enhance a plain garage floor. The new protective Sikafloor Garage coating not only updates the look of the floor, but it also increases resiliency to stains and tyre marks and hides minor imperfections.

Sikafloor Garage is a two-component, water-based, epoxy coating system for indoor use. It is available in two shades, namely light grey and dark grey. It can be subjected to normal to medium-weight mechanical loads and chemical stresses, making it the ideal choice for warehouses, car park decks and garages. The heavy-duty coating can be applied to concrete, cements, screeds, broadcast systems and epoxy mortars and it can stand concentrated loads such as machine feet or shelving system legs, as well as vehicle oil or chemical products.

As it is applied with ease, any professional or non-professional can make the most of their existing floor. All that is required for application is a mixer to mix the product with water for priming and a medium-pile roller to apply one to two layers of Sikafloor Garage afterwards.

This product is also water-permeable, can be diluted in water, and is odourless as well as fast curing, making it an ideal protective coating for indoor environments. Besides garages, this product can also be used for laundry areas, basements, showrooms, corridors, plant rooms and shed or tool rooms.

As in any home, there are areas where a floor has to be robust and aesthetically pleasing at the same time, and this is where Sikafloor Garage prides itself on delivering to expectation.

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