Your industrial concrete floor – Who can help you?

by Darren
RCS Jnl 2 14

Shortcomings in warehouse floors leave property owners and tenants helpless.

In their series of articles on warehouse concrete floor construction in South Africa, Royal Consulting Services has focused on some of the basic necessities required to produce a hassle-free operational environment. They have highlighted the need to correlate the material handling requirements of clients and their consultants with sound engineering design and experienced and competent construction methodology on the part of a specialist flooring contractor.

Royal Consulting Services is of the opinion that serious shortcomings in respect of design and construction of warehouse floors all too often leave property owners and tenants as victims of ignorance and incompetence. The occupant will find that he is spending far more on maintenance costs of materials handling equipment than initially anticipated due to surfaces, and particularly joint edges, deteriorating.

In wide-aisle warehouses, poorly constructed joints will begin to spall in highly trafficked areas while in narrow-aisle facilities the risk of pallet load collision with stored pallets and rack structures heightens daily as truck components are subjected to stresses they are not designed to cater for.

One would think that the cost and safety considerations generated by such circumstances would be of extreme importance but, regrettably, this does not seem to be the case. The fact is that so-called specialist flooring contractors frequently fail to come anywhere near achieving compliance and the crude remediation action they employ is rarely, if ever, successful.

Unless floor construction issues are addressed and remedied immediately after they have been detected, any hope of dealing with the culprits will have evaporated.

So, is it impossible to construct “perfect” concrete floors in South Africa?

Not according to Royal Consulting Services, whose forty-year record paints a different picture to the above. Aside from their proven record of constructing floors to satisfy TR 34 DM 1 criteria to accommodate 17-metre high racking on either side of a 1 900mm wide aisle, they have constructed floors in over 40 other VNA installations since 1980, none of which has ever required any remediation after construction. They have constructed concrete floors to wide-aisle warehouses and engineering workshops, at power stations, as well as millions of square metres of roadways and hardstands. They have invested in securing access to the most sophisticated measuring instrumentation and specialist grinding services on offer anywhere in the world. They have developed and applied repair systems of proven quality to deal with any remediation which may be necessary to upgrade or repair floor failures.

Simply put – if they can’t help you solve your existing concrete floor problems – or construct a new industrial concrete floor to the most exacting international standards – nobody can.

For further information contact Royal Consulting Services on 011 425 1277, email rcs@mweb.co.za or visit the website www.cogrigroup.com

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