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by Darren
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Homeowners looking for a gorgeous, classic interior are increasingly choosing white marble floor tiles.

Natural stone remains a sought-after flooring surface for those who seek modern, beautiful interiors. Marble stems from the earth and comes in a myriad of colours, but one colour that’s being increasingly chosen for its visual appeal is White Pearl*.

“Homeowners looking for a classic, gorgeous interior are increasingly choosing white marble floor tiles. The aesthetic qualities that this surface brings to a home includes character, history and elegance.

Approximately 1 200m2 of White Pearl floor tiles as well as 100 m2 White Pearl slabs were recently installed in a residential building in the popular Waterfall Estate in Midrand, Gauteng. The client partnered with Natural Stone Warehouse for the new installation and the result was a house that looked bigger, brighter and modern.

With this specific installation, small grout lines were used so, once the floor is polished, it looks like the flooring was constructed from a solid piece of marble as opposed to individual tiles.

Natural Stone Warehouse imports a range of high-quality marble tiles in a variety of colours. Serkan Guvenilir says that, while White Pearl has not always been the most popular marble colour choice, there’s definitely a trend among homeowners and commercial developers when it comes to specifying timeless, elegant flooring.

Marble has a beautiful, unique appeal like no other surface. The veins and patterns that you choose can breathe new life into a space.

The veins, patterns and shade variations of marble tiles differ due to the natural characteristic of the product, which is where Natural Stone Warehouse comes in. “We offer a FULL HOUSE solution where we help our clients from selection to completion of their tiles and floors,” says Serkan.

“Natural Stone Warehouse supplies a wide range of marble tiles to the local market and our experienced team is happy to give designers, developers and homeowners a free consultation about the stone products they are interested in. We also provide all of the services that they would need for their installation including sealing, cleaning, polishing, honing and acid washing,” Serkan concludes.

Other products offered by Natural Stone Warehouse include travertine, sandstone, limestone, mosaics, cladding, mouldings and borders, basins as well as adhesives and grouting. The company regularly collaborates with interior consultants and installers to ensure that clients receive up-to-date information on trends, relevant advice and flawless finishes.

For more information contact Serkan Guvenilir at 021 506 1300 or email him at serkan@naturalstonewarehouse.com. Visit their website www.naturalstonewarehouse.com

*White Pearl is a Registered Trademark

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