White concrete steals the limelight

by Ofentse Sefolo
White concrete steals the limelight

White concrete has the ability to completely transform the look and feel of any building. It is unique and provides one the opportunity to develop a visual space that draws the attention of others at it enables one to focus on creatively applying this concrete in a manner that will leave a lasting impression for years to come.

abe® CEM-blanc is a general purpose white Portland cement, specially manufactured to provide superior early strength with the added advantage of providing a wide range of aesthetic and decorative opportunities due to its key features of whiteness, high strength and durability. In addition to affording great design and colour versatility abe® CEM-blanc complies fully with the requirements specified in SANS 50197-1 for type CEM II 42.5N cement.

Two international projects using white concrete:

White Concrete House in Chile

Chilean architect Cristian Romero Valente has built this white concrete house on a steep slope of an uneven terrain of Maitencillo, a small beach town near Santiago, Chile.

Italian Cemetery Arches uses white concrete

CN10 Architetti has built a trio of white concrete and marble funerary arches with space to host ossuary’s and cinerary urns for a cemetery in the Northern Italian City of Bergamo. The arches appear as three monolithic cubes – with each unit being made up of four separate concrete pieces with vertical incisions.

White Portland cement can be used in any application, even structural, that grey cement is used provided the strength grade is fit for purpose.

The white colour is primarily due to the use of high grade white limestone and that white cement contains no to low levels of iron, manganese and chromium which are the oxides found in grey cement. Because of these factors, white cement manufacturing costs are higher due to the higher kiln temperatures required.

abe CEM-blanc has an ideal combination of high early (2-day) and late (28-day) strength but still enough “open time” to use, and can be used with any admixture that are used in grey cement.

The remarkable aesthetic appeal of white concrete is what draws architects to specifying this material. It is visually attractive and functional at the same time, making it a superior product when looking at transforming the look of buildings and turning them into architectural masterpieces.

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