Many facility managers and building operators invest in cleaning equipment without proper knowledge of the sustainability and energy efficiency ratings that apply to this equipment. Numatic advises that since 2014, the European Union’s Eco-Design and Energy labelling Regulations have applied to all mains-powered vacuum cleaners manufactured.

The regulations were introduced to standardise the performance parameters, promote energy efficiency and allow customers to make an informed choice when purchasing a vacuum cleaner. In order to comply with the regulations, vacuum cleaners must meet specific performance criteria regarding energy efficiency, input power, filtration, noise levels and pick-up performance.

Getting accurate and comparable information about cleaning equipment
The Eco or Energy Label is designed to provide customers with accurate and comparable information about the appliance’s energy consumption and performance. The following information is displayed on the Eco or Energy label:
• Energy Efficiency: A – Most Efficient; G – Least Efficient
• Energy Usage: Estimate kWh energy used
• Filtration: Dust Re-Emission level
• Sound Power: Noise rating
• Pick-Up on Carpets: Effectiveness when picking up dust and debris from carpets
• Pick-Up on Hard Floors: Effectiveness when picking up dust and debris from hard floors

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