Where will décor finishes take you in 2017?

by Tania Wannenburg
Where will décor finishes take you in 2017?

Enjoy this visual feast of design inspirations from all over the world and see what can be expected in interiors in 2017 and beyond.
Modern designs are all about experience and meaning – when people walk into a space, they must feel engaged with the surroundings. Interior designers today need to address the interaction between people and the design world through a silent language that appeals to all the senses.

Importantly, clients want their spaces to stand out in this cluttered world and bring back a sense of individuality – it is all about creating bespoke designs that fit the purpose of the space. However, it is not about single pieces making statements, but about the way different materials and finishes are put together to create and experience.

WALLS & ROOFS has selected design inspirations from all over the world. Enjoy this visual feast of what can be expected in interiors this year and beyond.

Literally green
Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2017, Greenery, is a zesty, yellow-green shade inspired by the fresh, new life of nature. Symbolic of new beginnings, the colour is intended to reinvigorate people’s zest for life.

Courtesy of Pantone

Mystical sanctuary / wild experience?
In an application of Pantone’s Colour of the Year, Greenery, the colour company collaborated with Airbnb to bring nature into a London home – filling it with real plants and wooden furniture.

Courtesy of www.dezeen.com


Blend in with blue
Dulux’s Colour of the Year, Steel Symphony 2 easily adapts to different style expressions – this versatility allows the colour to perfectly capture the ambience of the area it’s used in. This characteristic lends the colour longevity that will stay beyond what is currently trendy.

Courtesy of Dulux


For the bold
Dark, brutalist bathrooms.

Courtesy of Tile Africa

Black finishes
Kitchen cabinets made entirely from recycled plastic bottles and reclaimed industrial wood with black handles, countertops and sanitary finishes, designed by Form Us With Love.

Courtesy of www.dezeen.com


Sensory walls
Finer details, like raised patterns on tilework, stir the senses and create a bespoke look.

Textured wall décor with an eye-catching, jewel-inspired lighting feature livens up a setting in natural browns and beiges.

Courtesy of Hostler Burrows, Design Miami/ © James Harris


Cosmos-inspired energy
Jewel tones, metallics and metals add some sparkle to interiors and are balanced by stone and raw white décor.

Courtesy of The Future Prefect, Design Miami/ © James Harris


Attention to lighting
Interesting lighting features are integral to interior design and this year will see geometrics combined with metallics or muted shades and original designs.

Courtesy of Tom Dixon, www.amara.com


3D fabrics
New three-dimensional fabrics offer great customisation options and underpin luxury and elegance.

Satin matte nylon with 3D structure.

Courtesy of Decobel


Textile explorations
Digital processes such as a mother-of-pearl-like shimmer, bring fabric to life in a vibrant way.

Courtesy of Carlin International / Heimtextil, Messe Frankfurt


Wallpaper is design
Custom wallpaper designs with contemporary and original concepts make for unique and striking interiors.

Moontide by Donna Solovei for Robin Sprong Wallpaper.

Fish Turquoise by Soil Design for Robin Sprong Wallpaper.


Sculptured furniture
A sculptured dining table in bronze and glass inspired by the Num Num thorn tree and designed by Charles Haupt from Bronze Age.

Courtesy of Southern Gild


An artisanal touch
Bespoke, artisanal elements enhance the individuality of a space. This exclusive, limited Objets Nomades collection of travel-friendly furnishings and accessories for Louis Vuitton is inspired by different cultures from around the world.

Courtesy of Design Miami/ © James Harris


Organic imitation
COMPAC’s installation at Design Miami/, inspired by frozen Arctic lakes, features surfaces that mimic the genuine characteristics of quarts, marble and stone fragments, designed by Arik Levy.

Courtesy of Design Miami/ © James Harris

Full thanks and acknowledgement are given to Decobel, Design Miami/, Dezeen, Dulux, Heimtextil, Messe Frankfurt, Pantone, Robin Sprong and Tile Africa for the inspiration to compile this article.

Takeaway trends:
–    Green – both colour and materials.
–    Artisanal furniture and décor.
–    Original lighting designs.
–    Contemporary wallpaper.
–    Jewel tones and metallics.
–    Black finishes in kitchens and bathrooms.
–    Inspiration from nature and space.
–    Texture in fabrics, wallcoverings and décor.

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