Interior Trends 2025

In her “Interior Trends 2025” presentation at Domotex 2024, Gabriela Kaiser, owner of TRENDagentur, discussed six themes to answer the question: What’s up on the floor? 

Simple farm 

It is a style that evokes a country house feel. Carpet colours focus on cream through to brown tones, with some blues and red, for a cozy feel. 

Wood flooring has a strong rustic aesthetic, with strong grained designs, calling to mind an old farmhouse or cottage. This is paired with plain carpets or coarsely woven carpets for a natural look. Patched carpets with shaggy fringes, similar to a shabby chic trend, are key in this look. 

The trend also features an increase in mouline looks, weaving three different colours which look calm from afar but come into focus when closer. 

Quiet luxury 

Interior Trends 2025

Powerful Working combines natural and urban features, like concrete patterns paired with textured rugs.

It is a classic style, subtle and calm. The colours are dark brown, shades of orange, dark red, with some blue, and gold. 

Dark walls and dark floors with an island of light created by a lighter carpet give a more sophisticated feel. Wood floors and colour-matched carpets feature, with reddish brown woods layered with clay-coloured carpets. 

Carpets feature tonal graphic groove patterns, grid patterns in warm colours and plain colours with different pile heights. Tonally speckled and spotted patterns are combined with graphic patterns. 

Green urbanity 

There is a combination of natural and urban features. Living in the city is becoming more sustainable, with an integration of natural elements into homes. 

New carpet designs include patterns that look like moss, wood patterns replicating fallen leaves and graphic patterns with irregular shapes, like these found in nature. 

Wood floors have irregular patterns with a yellow tone. Carpets with soft tonal stripes, colour blocking and chequerboard patterns are paired with screeded concrete-look floors. Cork, seagrass and upcycling materials are key. 

Interior Trends 2025

Wood floors and colour-matched carpets in Quiet Luxury, with reddish brown woods layered with clay-coloured carpets.

Powerful working 

Boundaries between work and private worlds are diminishing. The office is moving into residential properties, with a need to make spaces for concentration and creative stimulation, and quiet spaces for work, all being integrated into living areas for a very modern, designed look. 

There are lots of brighter reds, blues, oranges and silver tones. Think loud orange or red flooring, for a pronounced look, or loud furniture with subtle rugs and carpets. 

Cement and cloudy epoxy-type flooring patterns are paired with textured rugs. There are graphic mini patterns, in black and white, and multicoloured geometrical patterns, such as mesh and zigzag. 

Preloved memories 

Romanticism is moving towards vintage, as people look back to the past fondly. Vintage items are viewed as cheaper and more sustainable. Second-hand is accepted, with its stains, old-fashioned designs and wear and tear. 

Colours are pastels, yellow, aqua, greens and pastels paired with grey. 

There are classic decorative patterns like parquet for woods. Carpets feature colour-blocking patterns, round graphic rugs in greyed pastel colours, graphic retro patterns and mirrored patterns in soft colours. Pale colours where the pattern appears worn over time is a key element. 

Flokati-type rugs are back from the 1960s and 1970s, embodying a cozy evening at home. Rag rugs are also back in fashion, as a re-used, repurposed and recycled look.  It’s a mix and match of different decades – vintage as a whole, not specific. 

Interior Trends 2025

Simple Farm features rustic wooden floors with coarsely woven rugs.

Cheerful garden 

It is suited to be brave and has an experimental design that likes bright, cheerful and optimistic colours. 

The design is inspired by domestic gardens with bright flowers, creating a garden feeling inside the home through colour and pattern. There are dopamine colours of yellow, orange, red and pink, which trigger optimism and happiness, including Barbie pink. 

Bright floral patterns with a lot of colour feature on a bold background, versus a light background toning down the floral colour palette for a softer attitude. 

Colourful rounded patterns, stripes and graphic patterns create a rejuvenating communal area. Coarsely woven rugs with contrasting colours signal a move away from black and white to a brighter look. 

Wood can also be bright in this theme, with coloured stains or stained areas. 


Six themes in carpet designs, paired with woods and cement, reflect moods from luxury to vintage, and rustic calm to courageous colour. 


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