Two distinct but complementary patterns are emerging in tile design. This was clearly seen at Cersaie 2023, as trends reflect changes in aesthetic tastes and consumer preferences in the world of interior design. One pattern embraces all things modern, while the other looks back to the timeless. 

 Embracing the new 

 The inspiration for this trend comes from reinterpreted historical patterns, distinctive elements of the Italian landscape and fresh, light decorations enhanced by the contrast with vibrant background colours, creating surfaces that add a personal touch to spaces. 

 Advanced digital techniques create marbled effects on ceramic surfaces, giving them a sense of movement and dynamism. Three-dimensional tiles with strong visual appeal are also gaining popularity. Raised patterns and shapes on these surfaces create light and shadow effects, transforming walls into genuine works of art. By creating new geometries and reflections, three-dimensional textures add depth and convey a sense of movement and vitality. 

 Honouring the timeless 

 In this trend, tile producers emulate the aesthetics of materials such as marble, primordial rock, slate, limestone, earth, lime and wood to create an authentic and warm atmosphere inspired by the beauty of nature. 

 These materials are frequently reproduced with exceptional levels of precision, using high-definition digital printing technologies that achieve astonishing details and realistic finishes.  

 Technology and tradition 

Cersaie is a thought-provoking event where architects, designers and enthusiasts can explore a constantly evolving creative universe in which tradition coexists with technological progress and a commitment to sustainability.

Tile trends: New technology drives designs and geometries together with a new appreciation for timeless natural materials. 

 Full acknowledgement and thanks go to and for the information in this editorial. 

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