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The metaverse (the internet) is a virtual-reality 3D space in which users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users. These shared virtual world environments present business owners with a whole new-literal dimension that is accessed via the internet as life-like virtual or augmented reality.


We are all connected via phones, computers, and tablets. The metaverse will evolve as a product, services, and capabilities blend, take Fortnite for instance, this is the “face” that the metaverse will take on. It is a perfect fusion of physical, augmented, and virtual reality.

Avatars in the metaverse

The metaverse encompasses the entire social and economic structure that exists in both the actual and virtual worlds. This virtual world is accessed via the internet, allowing you entrance into cyberspace. It creates a “virtual world” experience by simulating human emotions and gestures with avatars acting as an extension of human profiles. In the metaverse, office spaces, property, and events are all mirrored.

Avatars, content, and goods may all travel around freely. It’s a living, breathing experience that never pauses nor finishes like a game. Individuals communicate and transact with each other and with digital 3D items, and currency can be used to buy and sell land, buildings, avatars, and even identities.

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Individuals can walk around with their friends, visit places, buy things, and attend events in such environments. Musicians can perform virtual gigs, and fashion companies can create virtual apparel for people’s avatars to wear in metaverse surroundings.

Companies investing in the metaverse

Techgiants such as Facebook and Microsoft, Roblox, and Epic games are all embracing the metaverse. The metaverse has no boundaries and is not constrained by geography or real space restrictions.

The early metaverse experience may be found in gaming, as players create their distinct worlds such as Epic Games’ Fortnite where they organise complete concerts for people to participate in and connect with.

However, Facebook and Microsoft are taking a slightly different strategy. Horizon Workroom, a new method for office workers to communicate using virtual reality and headsets, was recently unveiled by Facebook where the avatars are in a virtual office area in real-time having VR meetings with individuals.

Microsoft plans to completely revolutionise the way business and operations are conducted by creating a digital twin of the real world with which we may engage via mixed reality. The metaverse has progressed beyond simply a gaming-related experience.

What can the average Joe do with metaverse?

With the use of metaverse technology, users can easily wear virtual reality glasses that give the user the sensation of being there in front of a companion, even though they are physically separated and only linked over the internet.

Everyone in the metaverse would have their digital avatar, which would be our lookalike. We’ll be able to connect with the metaverse through augmented and digital reality, but we’ll also be able to interact with some aspects of it in our physical area.

A change in the digital economy

The global economy is shifting dramatically from the real to the digital, and the integration of the two has increased dramatically since the worldwide pandemic.

Several physical retail establishments have shut their doors, while fashion houses such as Balenciaga have chosen to present their latest collection in a video game. Commercial real estate owners are straining as tenants leave or downsize their workplaces, while video conferencing providers such as Zoom soared in popularity as the virus spread. One can now purchase a front row seat at one of the major fashion weeks- Milan, Paris, London and NY.

COVID-19 has altered our workplace culture, speeded up the rise of e-commerce, and changed the way organisations run – whether we like it or not.

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