With a passion for the flooring industry and for supporting flooring specialists with the best information and products, TAL has introduced a website exclusively for installers.

“Supporting our industry is very important to us. This is why we have developed this website, talscreedmaster.co.za, with all the tools, calculators and product information that flooring specialists need to plan and install the TAL Floor Levelling System,” explains Gela Ohl, marketing manager of TAL.

Wide range of compatible products

TAL offers a range of products for professional flooring installers to help them level up and produce smooth and level floors. The range of products works together in an integrated system, each playing an important part in producing a long-lasting, smooth and level underlayment that will provide a solid foundation for any follow-on layers such as vinyl sheeting or luxury vinyl tiles.

“Our products are compatible with each other and create a robust system that the installer can rely on for a smooth and level finish,” says Ohl.

Essential information on one website

The website covers every level within the TAL Floor Levelling System – from surface preparation to applying a vapour barrier, priming, levelling and finally the adhesive required to fix the final floor covering. “We’ve included everything an installer needs to create a solid foundation for every installation,” concludes Ohl.

TAL also offers technical support and advice to the flooring industry in the form of a free-of-charge materials and methods specification, specific to a floor-levelling installation.

For more information, contact TAL:
Tel: +11 206 9700
Email: taltech@tal.co.za
Website: www.tal.co.za and www.talscreedmaster.co.za

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