At the most recent instalment of DOMOTEX, the Framing Trends exhibition space had an area called “Art & Interaction” where well known designers exhibited their work. The installation WAVERIDER by the designer Konstantin Landuris in cooperation with the manufacturer Findeisen wasformed by a huge wave of recycled needle-punched nonwoven.

The wave of materials created a perfect wave that symbolises the future use of resources. As simple as the idea of not letting material into the seas as garbage is, the process of recycling and upcycling materials is complicated. And just as the designer creates the wave and networks it between manufacturer and trader, so all visitors were asked playfully to ride the wave on a surfboard. The selfies and photos created at the installation were displayed online and on screens, thereby distributing and manifesting the message of CREATE’N’CONNECT.

FLOORS in Africa Editor in Chief and Managing Director, Marlene van Rooyen, stood on the surfboard for a photo. “The wave, which is made out of separate carpet tiles, really makes you think of all the plastic that lands up in the oceans. It was one of the many memorable installations that I saw at DOMOTEX,” says Marlene.

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