Waterproofing Menlyn Maine

by Tania Wannenburg
Waterproofing menlyn maine BASF

The roof and landscaped areas at the new Menlyn Maine development were waterproofed with specialised products from BASF Construction Chemicals.

Specialised products from BASF Construction Chemicals were applied with great skill to waterproof the roof and other landscaped areas at the newly built, Green Star-rated Menlyn Maine development. This enormous waterproofing project was another milestone for Master Builders Solutions by BASF in green-roof waterproofing from their range of synthetic membranes and cementitious waterproofing products.

Roof and landscaping
The completed roof of the retail development and the landscaped areas were waterproofed with BASF’s MasterSeal 750 TPE synthetic membranes. Together, the unique landscaped planters and roof required 10 000m² of waterproofing.

Cutting-edge technology
MasterSeal 750 TPE is a synthetic liner of TPO-modified polyolefin in a two-colour version (sand-grey/black), obtained by co-extrusion, which allows it to be produced in a single layer, a liner with different physical-chemical properties on the two sides.

The upper sand-grey layer is characterised by an extremely high resistance to weathering and ultraviolet rays, while the lower black layer is resistant to puncturing, therefore a maintenance free waterproofing system. It also has a polyester mesh reinforcement inserted as a dimensional stabiliser. These qualities enable a product warranty of ten years, with a life expectancy of over 25 years.

Swimming pool
In the Virgin Active swimming pool and other wet areas, MasterSeal 550 was used to ensure a watertight structure.

Artificial grass
Where synthetic grassed areas were installed, MasterSeal 588 was applied as an elastomeric waterproofing under the artificial turf.

High performance
The Master Builders Solutions portfolio encompasses concrete admixtures, chemical solutions for underground construction, waterproofing and sealants, concrete repair and protection, performance grouts and performance flooring.

To meet high-performance requirements, BASF products are designed and certified for the specific intended use. Master Builders Solutions’ experts combine their global and local expertise to meet market needs, and recommend reliable and approved professional applicators. This ensures the successful completion of jobs.

BASF, together with the waterproofing consultant, TechSpec, and applicators from TDS Contractors and Storm Waterproofing, ensured the successful completion of this complex project in September 2016.

BASF Construction Chemicals (Pty) Ltd.
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Website: www.master-builders-solutions.basf.co.za

MasterSeal 750 TPO synthetic membranes

•    Exposed roofing, loose laid or fully bonded.
•    Landscaped areas and roof gardens.
•    Mechanical fixing on incompatible substrate.
•    Loose laid or fully adhered on insulation boards or on traditional reinforced concrete slabs.
•    Underground structures and potable water structures.

•    Superior mechanical characteristics.
•    Extremely high resistance to weathering and ultraviolet rays.
•    High mechanical properties and resistance to puncturing.
•    Resistance to root penetration.
•    Resistance to wind stress.
•    Non-toxic and good resistance to hydrocarbons.
•    High environmental capability.
•    Tolerates pressure testing of joints if it is double welded.


Caption: BASF’s MasterSeal 750 TPE synthetic liner being installed onto the roof of Menlyn Maine Development.

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