Waterproofing high-rise residential developments

by Ofentse Sefolo
Waterproofing high-rise residential developments

When it comes to high-rise residential developments, flexibility of the waterproofing and tiling system in bathrooms and external balconies is of great importance.

Getting the right combination of products from start to finish is vital, as the costs of repairing failed installations across large projects are considerable.

Horizontal movement of the building significantly increases the necessity for a highly flexible solution for waterproofing and tiling systems.

3 considerations when ensuring a long-lasting installation

  1. “Using complementary products throughout an installation builds a system which is stronger than its individual parts,” explains Sharon Margon, technical advice supervisor at TAL.
  2. These types of developments require a latex-based priming system, a flexible waterproofing compound followed by modifying the tile adhesive and grout with a suitable additive.
  3. When specifying such a multi-level installation system, it is of great importance that the products are compatible.

Using a multi-level system to waterproof and tile in high-rise developments ensures not only the longevity of the installation, but peace of mind for both the developer and end-user.

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Main image: There are four levels in a multi-level waterproofing system that each plays a role in ensuring an impermeable, flexible and long-lasting installation, from the substrate to the final finish.

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