Waterproofing failure fixed

by Zuerita
Waterproofing failure fixed

After some products failed to meet the requirements for waterproofing the roof of the Kimberley Mental Health Hospital, the need to find a solution that could be easily applied and yet provide the desired outcome became quite urgent.
Multi Contracts Specialists (MCS), who was contracted for this large project, then specified Sikalastic-560, a one-component, liquid-applied waterproofing membrane, to waterproof all flat concrete roofs by spray application and parapet walls where the product was roll applied.

According to Sika’s Stephan Fourie, Sikalastic-560 provides excellent adhesion on both porous and non-porous substrates as well as on bituminous products, and since it is a completely seamless, fully bonded system, the risk of leaks due to overlap failures is totally negated.

“Combining the high performance of polyurethane dispersion with the familiar properties of an acrylic, co-elastic technology (CET) offers an unsurpassed performance compared to conventional acrylic dispersion; higher elastic and crack-bridging properties, faster drying times, higher ultraviolet (UV)-resistance, resulting in better colour stability and durability, as well as it being environmentally friendly with very low odour and free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs),” he states.

Despite challenges such as the installation of the air-conditioning and other services, along with the repairs of concrete before applying this product, the contractor was able to complete the project in the specified five-month period.

“In addition, the Hospital Design Group, impressed with the outcome and excellent workability of Sikalastic-560, has indicated that they would specify this product to all future waterproofing projects awarded to them,” adds Fourie.

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Sikalastic-560 was specified to waterproof all flat concrete roofs and parapet walls, mostly by spray application.

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