Waterproofing a flat roof the correct way

by Ofentse Sefolo
Waterproofing a flat roof the correct way

MAPEI has built a solid reputation in the construction industry for supplying durable products for all types of floor and wall coverings such as tile adhesives and grouts. They also specialise in other chemical products for building – from waterproofers to special concrete repair mortars, as well as concrete admixtures and protective coatings.

Their latest offering is POLYUREA Performance Coatings, which is ideally suited for the waterproofing of everything from concrete structures which receive vehicle traffic such as exposed mezzanines in parking lots of malls, to the decks of bridges before they receive asphalt, to simple concrete roofs in the commercial and residential sector.

The PURTOP 400M is an instant-setting, spray-applied waterproofing membrane featuring a high bond and mechanical strength. Once installed, it forms a continuous waterproof layer that adapts to any shape of substrate without cracking.

Once fully cured, PURTOP 400M delivers a tough, seamless and trafficable waterproof coating. Its exceptional mechanical properties, particularly its rate of elongation at failure, make it an ideal, long-lasting, durable and protective waterproofing coating for exposed trafficable flat roofs and bridge decks.

Unique features include:
• Resistance to ponding water.
• High tensile strength.
• Alkali resistant.
• Seamless.
• No cracking.

These are just some of the features of PURTOP 400M.

For more information and to gain insight into how to waterproof the right way, contact Mapei:
Tel: +27 11 552 8476
Website: www.mapei.co.za

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