Insulated glass units (IGUs) incorporating warm-edge spacers significantly reduce energy loss at window perimeters in comparison with traditional windows and standard double-glazed units fitted with aluminium spacers, which are highly conductive and result in heating and cooling losses.
With energy efficiency driving building standards and specifications, FG Trading, in partnership with Quanex Building Products, has brought warm-edge technology to the Southern African market with a range of spacer bar products to suit different applications.

Non-metal spacer systems
Super Spacer® is a non-metal, polymer warm-edge spacer system that provides excellent perimeter insulation for sealed glazing units and reduces window U-values, allowing windows to achieve the highest window energy ratings and lower energy costs in all climates.

In addition, Super Spacer® TriSeal™ is designed for commercial insulated glass installations including silicone structural glazing and captured glazing applications, and can reduce energy consumption in buildings with curtain walling systems by between 15% and 29% across glazing systems.

The Triseal™ structural foam spacer system with integral desiccant incorporates an inner acrylic adhesive seal, a polyisobutylene (PIB) primary seal, and an outer silicone seal – a triple-edge design that maximises the lifespan of the unit, which has a 40-year performance guarantee. It also reduces external noise pollution, condensation by up to 70% and can withstand temperatures from -15° to 125°.

The robust silicone construction provides structural strength, even for heavy laminated glass in floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall sizes, and compensates for common glazing stresses, including wind loads, driving rain and widely fluctuating temperatures.

The thermoset silicone polymer material allows for expansion and contraction, always returning to its original shape, thus reducing edge-seal stress or failure and ensuring that the PIB primary seal remains contained. The captive PIB seal provides enhanced gas retention and low moisture vapour transmission.

Super Spacer® Triseal™ is available in black and grey, but when used in windows, the spacer is entirely neutral in appearance since it reflects the colour of the frame into which it is glazed.

Proven test data
Insulated glass units manufactured with Super Spacer® have been subjected to rigorous testing worldwide, and test data is available to show that they meet and/or exceed standards used in the United States of America (USA), Canada, Europe and elsewhere.

Designed as a dual-seal IG system, Super Spacer® requires a secondary sealant such as Tremco JS562, a high-modulus, elastomeric silicone suitable for use on structural insulated glass (SIG) units due to its excellent resistance to ultraviolet exposure, ageing and extreme temperatures. FG Trading is also the exclusive Southern African distributor of Tremco Illbruck sealing and bonding products.

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Caption Main Image: The eye-catching wave-shaped façade of Hotel Wagram in Paris makes use of curved insulated glass units constructed with Super Spacer® TriSealTM Premium Plus.