The OVK Group, a leading agricultural company with its headquarters in Ladybrand, has completed a significant warehouse refurbishment project in Gqeberha, where moisture ingress was affecting the structural columns.  

The issue of serious spalling demanded swift intervention, which was provided by Altrama, the engineering team responsible for the project. GeoTech SA, the main contractor, ensured the project’s seamless execution. 

 Eradicating corrosion 

Mechanical breakers were employed to remove damaged concrete, followed by comprehensive surface preparation to eradicate corrosion from the steel components. The application of Sika MonoTop®-1010 ZA onto the steel surfaces was key to prevent corrosion and enhance the structural integrity of the columns. This bonding primer and reinforcement corrosion-protection, cement-based slurry contains corrosion inhibitors with a reduced carbon footprint. 

 Comprehensive solution 

Addressing the spalling, Sika MonoTop®-412 NFG was trowel-applied onto the concrete surfaces after the third application of wet Sika MonoTop®-1010 ZA. An R4 Repair Mortar with a corrosion inhibitor, Sika MonoTop®-412 NFG, is ideal for this purpose, acting as a bonding agent to effectively execute the patch repairs. Sika® FerroGard®-903 Plus, an active corrosion inhibitor for reinforced concrete, was then sprayed onto the entire column surface – extending the lifespan of the concrete, while bolstering its durability. 


A layer of SikaTop® Seal-107 ZA, a liquid-applied, cementitious waterproofing slurry was added to the steel components, augmenting the effective cover to the reinforcing elements. This not only fortified the structural elements but also exemplifies OVK’s dedication to quality and longevity. 

The success of this refurbishment highlights prudent decision-making, meticulous planning and exceptional workmanship, coupled with the workability of Sika products.  

Issue: Addressing moisture ingress on structural columns in a warehouse. 

Solution: This refurbishment solution not only saved considerable time and resources compared to a complete rebuild, but also minimised operational disruptions. 


For more information, contact Sika: 

Tel: +27 31 792 6500 


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