Wanted: Innovative energy storage ideas

by Tania Wannenburg

BASF’s Open Innovation Contest calls for innovative ideas to store energy generated from renewable sources.

BASF’s Open Innovation Contest will award up to five winners who come up with the best ideas to store energy from renewable energy sources with €100 000 each. The winners may also have the chance to collaborate with BASF in a research project based on their ideas.

This competition is an important part of the co-creation programme, Creator SpaceTM, which BASF has initiated in its 150th anniversary year.

Worldwide more and more electricity is being produced from renewable energy sources. However, since electricity produced from sun and wind depends on weather, time and season, there are phases with a surplus and phases in which no electricity is generated. To ensure a continuous power supply, the energy must be stored. So far, however, the storage of excess energy has not been financially viable.

This contest is calling for efficient and financially viable solutions to store electricity on a long-term basis and feed it back into the grid. Innovative chemistry should play a central role in the submitted proposals.

Ideas can be submitted online at https://ninesights.ninesigma.com/web/basf-contest until 2 June 2015. BASF employees are excluded from participation and a jury of BASF experts and external specialists will choose the best proposals, which will be announced in November 2015.

For more information about the Open Innovation Contest, visit www.basf.com/energy-contest.

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