Wall coverings with aesthetic continuity

by Tania Wannenburg
Wall coverings with aesthetic continuity

Dekton® by Cosentino’s practical, sustainable coverings make it easy to achieve aesthetic continuity in both interior and exterior applications.

Dekton® by Cosentino coverings can be customised for both interior and exterior spaces, applied as worktops, flooring and any wall cladding, even in areas that are subjected to high levels of dampness, such as bathrooms.

Interior application
Inside the new Cajamar Group building in Almeria, Dekton® in the Kadum colour has been used as cladding on the walls of the bathrooms on the ground floor to create a luxurious finish.

Thanks to its high resistance to hydrolysis, the material does not alter, either in composition or aesthetics, even if it is in contact with moisture for extended periods of time. This ensures the exceptional durability of the material, as well as easy daily maintenance, which makes it an ideal choice for use in this setting.

Aesthetically, the tone and industrial appearance of the Kadum colour give the space a unique look that is both timeless and sophisticated, and fills the interior with beauty and perfection.

Exterior application
For the outside appearance of the building, international architects Arapiles Arquitectos Asociados 15 S.L.P designed a fascinating facade with three aesthetic contrasts – a large volume of white glass-fibre reinforced concrete (GRC) photocatalytic panels, a ventilated Dekton® facade in the colour Sirocco and a curtain wall protected by ceramic slats.

The Dekton® cladding allows for a continuous, uniform appearance, making all the walls of the building look like it was clad in a single covering. The building also received a top energy rating.

Qualities such as its high resistance to ultraviolet rays, resistance to frost and thawing, colour stability and high stain resistance are important considerations for specification and essential properties for any material to be used for exterior facades.

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Advantages of Dekton®:
–    Aesthetic continuity.
–    Practical.
–    Ultraviolet (UV) resistant.
–    Resistant to frost and thawing.
–    Highly water-resistant.
–    Colour stability.
–    Stain-resistant.
–    Low maintenance.
–    Sustainable.

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