The Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) recently launched a pilot green building Interiors Ratings Tool with the help of Standard Bank and Saint-Gobain, which addresses tenant interiors and fit-outs across different markets.

“Tenants can now decide, independently of the building owner, whether they wish to comply with green building standards within their own office spaces,” says Brian Wilkinson, chief executive officer of the GBCSA.

 Saint-Gobain South Africa assists with leading and driving the writing of standards for energy-efficiency in buildings. However, sustainability director Lisa Reynolds says the Energy-Efficiency Regulations only cover new buildings, that’s why they felt it important to be involved in this tool.

Wilkinson adds that the types of buildings to be addressed by the Green Star SA Interiors Rating Tool are intended to be broad. However, projects seeking certification must be clearly distinct from other spaces within the same building.

The GBCSA recently relocated to a new green office, where it implemented the tool, and designed a space that it hopes to make the first commercial interiors office certified under the Green Star SA Interiors Rating early in 2014.

Another interior re-design kick-off with the tool is led by the Standard Bank Group Real Estate Services, which manages 535 000m² of commercial office space in 135 properties and 480 000m² of retail branch space in 771 branches on behalf of the Standard Bank Group.

“With the tool, we will have completed over 100 new branch builds, refurbishment and facelift projects, and it will be the cornerstone of our future refurbishment projects,” concludes the head of professional and technical services, Nkosinathi Manzana.

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