Vryheid housing project supplied with new roofs

by Darren
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Dezzo Roofing, South Africa’s leader in lightweight steel roofing systems, supplies roof kits to the Vryheid Housing Project.

Dezzo Roofing was recently approached to design, manufacture and install a high-quality, lightweight steel roof system that had to fit into the client’s target budget, whilst adding value to the units that would be built.

They proposed a kit form application to the engineer with on-site training. This method of supply has proven to be very popular with local communities and project managers, as skills-transfer is the ultimate goal. Dezzo Roofing embarked on a comprehensive on-site training programme with local labourers who were chosen by the Association of Local Contractors.

In a decision made in partnership with the project manager Siyamthanda Projects, the training programme was formalised, allowing individuals who completed the programme and received their qualification to work on the roofing component of the project as fully fledged sub-contractors. Tools and safety gear were donated and teams are on their way to approaching the required skills level.

Dezzo Roofing and Siyamthanda Projects considered itself “extremely proud to have added value to the local community by transferring skills to individuals”. They also confirmed that the trainees will form part of their extensive nationwide database of approved Dezzo Roofing installers. Dezzo Roofing’s involvement with the Vryheid Housing Project has resulted in plans to extend it to their other projects in the near future.

Dezzo Roofing’s national sales manager, Vee Singh, says: “The level of commitment, enthusiasm and motivation shown by the candidates in the Vryheid project is truly encouraging and a clear sign that this enterprise development exercise is welcomed and appreciated by the local communities.”

Dezzo Roofing has provided excellent logistic and material support and is committed, together with Siyamthanda Projects, to make with this initiative a meaningful contribution to the empowerment of poor and disadvantaged communities in and around KZN, says Humberto Palacio-Reyes of Siyamthanda Projects.

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