VIVA winner at Swedish Green Building Awards 2019

by Ofentse Sefolo
VIVA winner at Swedish Green Building Awards 2019

A Positive Footprint Housing project – Brf Viva in Guldheden, Gothenburg

Curiosity, the will to change and the opportunity to really make a difference form the basis of Positive Footprint Housing. Sweden’s most innovative housing and urban development project, the Brf Viva complex, is now being marketed.

In 2019, Brf Viva was announced as the Environmental Building of the Year in the Sweden Green Building Awards. Brf Viva, Positive Footprint Housing’s creation in collaboration with the City of Gothenburg, Johanneberg Science Park, businesses, universities, analysts, researchers and committed residents, has been built to become Sweden’s most sustainable and innovative housing project.

Solar power systems, energy storage, heat recovery from ventilation (FTX), car and electric cycle pools, distance workplaces and resource-efficient construction in climate-smart concrete are all ingredients that lead the way towards sustainable living.

The project will result in increased environmental, social and economic sustainability. The gained insights and lessons will get their first practical application at Brf Viva, with 132 apartments in Guldheden, next to the Chalmers Campus area in Gothenburg. The name “Viva” means to live and reflects sustainable living, which is being developed in and around the neighbourhood.

Innovation in overdrive

Energy storage at Brf Viva is part of the research project Riksbyggen Positive Footprint Housing. There is also a connection to a testbed for electric public transport (ElectriCity) through energy storage in used bus batteries (supported by the European Union project IRIS Smart Cities).

Specific innovations at Brf Viva include:
• Studio flats for the entry-level market.
• Repurposing old bus batteries for solar energy storage.
• Mobility solutions that make living without a car possible, including a special bicycle hub around the area.
• A mobility app for residents of the area that will combine different modes of transport such as bicycle, carpool and public transport options.
• Being part of an ongoing ecosystem service analysis.
• The apartments are constructed from a more durable concrete that omits 30% less CO₂ emissions.
• Gold certification in the Environmental Building Awards and Certification.

Uniquely different

Residents also have access to an outdoor gym, comfortable seating areas between the houses and a lovely barbecue area which is used as an advantage during nice summer evenings. Here you also have all the opportunities to work from home in the association’s remote workplaces with desks and Wi-Fi.

The unique thing about Brf Viva is the future housing solutions in terms of social, economic and environmental sustainability on a full-scale level, even those that have never been tested before in housing projects in Sweden.

The project was initiated by Riksbyggen in collaboration with, among others, Johanneberg Science Park, Chalmers University of Technology, the University of Gothenburg, Göteborg Energi, the City of Gothenburg and RISE – Research Institutes of Sweden.

The complex facts:
A total of 132 apartments, ranging between 30m² to 109m², which are located from floors 5 to 10 of the build. Apartments feature a kitchen and dining area, lounge, bedroom and bathroom, with street-facing apartments featuring balconies.

For more information, visit https://www.riksbyggen.se/ny-bostad/aktuella-projekt/vastra-gotaland/brf-viva/.

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