Architects can now see what a certain type of face brick would look like on a range of designs, by using Corobrik’s new 3D Visualiser application.

Corobrik has launched a new 3D Visualiser which enables architects and specifiers to, on their own computers, generate an accurate visual impression of how a particular face brick would look on one of the preloaded designs.
After selecting a photograph of a residential or commercial building on Corobrik’s 3D Visualiser website, they can try out any number of different face bricks of varying colours and textures on the building until they find one which best suits their purpose.
“This is particularly useful when adding an interesting face-brick detail or feature wall to a plastered or painted building, or when introducing a new visual element to complement any other building material,” says Musa Shangase, commercial director of Corobrik.

“Our 3D Visualiser allows architects flexibility and a quick and easy way to give free rein to their creative talents, whilst knowing exactly what the finished result will look like.”
A successful pilot
Architects were given the opportunity to experiment with a pilot version of the programme, providing feedback to the developers. “Several said they hadn’t realised how many different colours and textures of face bricks and pavers Corobrik manufactured,” Shangase notes.

“We see this as an inspirational tool which will enable architects to experiment with the myriad of options that face brick has to offer as a stand-alone or as an added detail to complement, enhance or contrast with concrete, aluminium, glass or paint. The wide variety of colours and textures that face brick has to offer gives them a whole palette to experiment with and so add vibrancy, individuality and distinction to their designs.”

Functionality and compatibility
The 3D Visualiser is easy to use on any computer and is responsive to the size of the screen. It was developed over a period of a year by Corobrik’s advertising agency, FCB Durban, in conjunction with their digital partner.
“At present there are a limited number of images on the system, but the site will be expanded as more innovations are built, tested and loaded,” Shangase states. “We also plan to add more technical information on bricks to future versions. Basically, this is phase one of a living tool.”
The programme is currently available to architects, specifiers and Corobrik’s premium clients, but the company hopes to open it up to the public down the line.
The programme can be accessed on
Tel: 031 560 3111