Visualiser lets you co-create flooring designs with your clients

by Ofentse Sefolo
Visualiser lets you co-create flooring designs with your clients

You’re brainstorming with a client, debating the merits of a brightly coloured vinyl floor versus a classic wood grain design. Why don’t you just show them! Leading vinyl flooring manufacturer, Polyflor, recently launched a flooring visualiser tool that let’s you do exactly that. Easily accessible through any browser, you can even do so in real time during client meetings. Embark on a co-creative process with your client to show them design options and ideas, involving them in the design journey.

How the flooring visualiser changes interactions with your clients

Instead of picturing the design in your mind’s eye, all stakeholders – from the client to everyone on the design and installation team – can instantly have a realistic picture of what the final installation could look like in the space. Not only does this approach increase buy-in from everyone involved on the project, it ensures everyone is on the same page regarding the end result.

Simple and easy to use

The flooring visualiser tool helps you reach design decisions easily, sets expectations and ensures the team meets them. Follow these three simple steps:
1. Snap: Start the process by uploading a photograph of the space. You or the client can take a photograph on your phone, or you can upload an image from your photo library. If the space is still a work in progress, there is a selection of pre-existing roomsets available to choose from instead. Quickly choose one to act as a backdrop for what you’re envisioning.
2. Select: Polyflor has installed its most popular ranges on the flooring visualiser including Palettone, Expona Commercial, Affinity 255, Polysafe Quattro and more. Select the floor designs you’re interested in and share the different options for the project you are co-creating. Easily switch between shades and designs as your ideas evolve and take form. Other features, such as rotation, help to make this process practical and user friendly.
3. Share: Share your design with colleagues and your clients so that everyone has a visual representation of the floor. A few clicks within the tool allows you to efficiently order product samples, to allow your client to experience the floor first hand.

Help your client envision a successful outcome
The more clients realise that their architect or designer is committed to listening, embracing and delivering their precise requirements, the more they buy into the success of the outcome of the project. Prahalad and Ramaswamy define co-creation as “the joint creation of value by the company and the customer, allowing the customer to co-construct the service experience to suit their context” and, according to Forbes Magazine, the future of innovation is collaborative. Start using the Polyflor flooring visualiser to co-create floors the smart way.

For more information, contact Polyflor SA:
Tel: +27 (11) 609 3500 (speak to Blythe or Wendy)
Email: marketing@polyflor.co.za
Website: www.polyflor.co.za

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