Vinyl tiles used to create 3D Floor

by Darren
Polyflor vinyl 3d Jnl 4 15

Creating 3D floors that produce uniquely innovative designs to trigger certain emotions and moods while being focused on ensuring hardwearing performance.

A recently completed flooring installation in the PALS Building in the artistic and trendy Cape Town suburb of Salt River has once again proven that a bold, dramatic and eye-catching floor design does not necessarily have to be the most expensive.

Karpinski Interiors, in partnership with onepointzero Interior Design, created a floor design for a client operating in the marketing and advertising industry, which is highly innovative in its ability to create a three-dimensional look and feel.

“We based the design on the work of Dutch graphic artist Maurits Cornelis Escher who was famous for numerous mathematically driven graphic artworks,” explains Tom Karpinski. “We used 300m² of Polyflor’s standard XL vinyl tiles in Dove White, Black Panther and Slate Grey to create a continuous, chequered pattern that tricks the eye and ‘plays with the mind’.”

Commenting on the installation and innovative use of the Polyflor vinyl tiles, Tandy Coleman-Spolander says that the floors for a workspace environment have a specific set of demands. “They need to be hardwearing and able to withstand heavy foot traffic, but at the same time must be supportive of a company’s brand and easy to maintain,” she concludes. “We were very impressed with the overall look and feel of the floor. The designers managed to take a standard, hardwearing tile that was not very expensive or exciting, and use it in a creative way that captured everyone’s attention.”

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