Vinyl range expands its colour offering

by Darren
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A new range of vinyl flooring with an extended range of colour options has been made available to the flooring industry.

A range of homogeneous, compact vinyl flooring with an expanded range of colours and a greater degree of compatibility with the extended family of iQ Granit solutions has recently been added and updated by Tarkett.

Consequently, iQ Granit now features a completely new range of neutral and vibrant colours, which will inspire and enable architects and designers to create fresh and modern interiors. The Colours range features rich, warm and vibrant tones, while the Neutrals range offers subdued tones inspired by nature. In addition, Tarkett’s new Micro range offers a low-contrast pattern alternative.

This new collection, compatible and together with  the extended Granit family of acoustic, conductive, dissipative and slip-resistant flooring solutions, aims to cover more spaces than ever before.

Over 80 million square metres of iQ Granit has been installed since the product’s launch nearly 50 years ago. Tarkett’s reputation within the industry has attracted hospitals and schools, both nationally and internationally, to place their trust in the various properties of iQ Granit.

According to Tarkett, their iQ Granit collection offers the following benefits:

 • Proven durability: The new iQ Granit offers reliability within the market due to consistent performance over the years, unfaltering colours, and excellent wear, stain and abrasion resistance.
Cost-efficiency as no wax or polish is required: By installing iQ Granit, building owners can save up to 30% on maintenance costs throughout the lifespan of iQ Granit. Its composition requires less water, chemicals and effort to maintain its performance characteristics.
Easy installation: The entire range has been designed to speed up installation, avoid premature soiling and ensure that any installation is successful first time.
Sustainable and hygienic: iQ Granit helps improve indoor air quality, due to its below- quantifiable VOCs and phthalate-free technology. The ease of maintenance also contributes to optimum hygiene and infection control.

As already noted above, iQ Granit forms part of an extended “family” of flooring solutions for specific applications. These include iQ Granit Micro, iQ Granit Acoustic, Granit Safe.T, Granit Multisafe, iQ Toro SC and iQ Granit SD.

iQ Granit Micro features a low-contrast pattern for environments that require a calm ambience, making it ideal for cafeterias, offices and patient rooms. iQ Granit Acoustic aims to increase comfort underfoot and reduce sound transmission to approximately +15dB. In turn, Granit Safe.T is a hardwearing, anti-slip flooring ideal for kitchens, wet areas and premises where increased slip resistance is required.

Granit Multisafe is considered an ideal solution for wet areas, designed with a studded surface for better safety underfoot, while iQ Toro SC has been designed and manufactured to perform as a permanently static, conductive floor developed for use in operating theatres, x-ray rooms, clean rooms and laboratories. Lastly, Tarkett’s iQ Granit SD also offers static flooring but has been developed for use in laboratories, clean rooms and ESD-sensitive areas in hospitals.

With all the above product offerings and their numerous benefits, the Granit family of compatible solutions makes it possible to mix and match iQ Granit flooring within the same coordinated colour range.

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