Exploring the differences and similarities between two adhesive-free Luxury Vinyl Planks.

FloorworX offers two unique products, namely Autograph Interlocking Vinyl Flooring and Signature Luxury Vinyl Planks. At first glance, these two products may appear very similar, both in functionality and usage, however, they remain autonomous and this article will highlight the reasons why, while reinforcing each product’s unique offerings to the market.

The most significant difference between Signature Luxury Vinyl Planks (LVPs) and Autograph Interlocking Vinyl Flooring is as follows: Signature LVPs have a non-slip backing and as such don’t need to be glued (however, glue can be used if desired) while Autograph Interlocking Vinyl Flooring uses a glueless click system and is completely adhesive-free.

Signature LVP is a loose-lay system. The floor merely rests on the subfloor and the weight of the individual planks ensures a completely flat installation. If the floor were to show damage, it is very easy to take out the damaged panel and put in a new one, without harming the underfloor.

In turn, Autograph Interlock Vinyl Flooring is intended for indoor use only (both floors are exclusively indoor use) and should not be glued or nailed to the subfloor. Both Autograph Interlock Vinyl Flooring and Signature LVPs can withstand high traffic, affording them significant commercial appeal. They are also both water-resistant, as they contain no wood components. However, with Signature LVP if it is glued down, water won’t affect the actual product but it will affect the glue which will re-emulsify.

Both products are PVC layered with PU coating, making them an environmentally friendly floating floor plank series, free of harmful substances such as formaldehyde and VOCs that could be generated from using adhesives. As both products require no adhesive during installation, it allows for a wider area to be fitted in less time. Both products are also easy to remove and re-install and are 100% recyclable after use.

Since both products are PVC layered, impact sound is minimised, which is especially beneficial for commercial use. Furthermore, Signature LVPs and Autograph Interlock Vinyl Flooring have an extremely authentic look, unlike some laminates that, in the opinion of FloorworX, appear plastic. Both products have numerous similarities yet their differences continue to define their unique characteristics when one is deciding on a product that will serve a particular need.