Vinyl goes high-tech & hygienic

by Tania Wannenburg
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Health facilities have very specific, stringent needs and require the installation of flooring products that can serve these needs to ensure the health and wellbeing of their users.

Ideal for often harsh hospital environments, a durable, ultra-hygienic vinyl floor that moulds onto existing surfaces has been developed by Belgotex Floors in the form of its Neptune range. This unique product was incorporated into the design of the 100-bed Botshilu Private Hospital in Soshanguve, North of Pretoria.

Botshilu is one of the country’s first facilities to include this state-of-the-art flooring technology and will provide a wide variety of much-needed specialist services to the local population. Covering 9 000m² across back-of-house and storerooms, theatres, wards and corridors, as well as ‘wet’ areas, the unique flooring recently introduced by Belgotex Vinyl combines supreme hygiene with exceptional performance and durability, chosen for its fit-for-purpose attributes by the facility’s architect, Blackie Swart.

Neptune is available in rolls and is antistatic by nature, with a semi- non-directional polychrome design. It is colour dyed when in a raw mixture to ensure even colour throughout its thickness.

It is uniquely treated with *Evercare, a new patented surface treatment, which is micro-structured and cross-coat polymerised using laser technology and acts as a barrier against stains and chemical aggression. Its formulation and application now replaces the need for wax or polish during the lifetime of the product.

For these very reasons, Blackie specified the Neptune range for the hospital’s main areas because of its permanent surface protection feature, namely Evercare. As already noted, Evercare improves bacteria control because of its dry micro-fibre cleaning that is superior to wet cleaning, which can be construed as being a higher risk for bacterial growth. In addition, it resists most harsh chemicals, including Betadene, Iodene, Alcohol Eosin and 92% alcohol.

With regard to composition, Belgotex Floors’ Neptune range is permeated with *Sanosol, a special antibacterial, fungicidal treatment that prevents the growth of bacteria, and is also flexible enough to eliminate the need for stripping and sealing after installation, making this option ideal for floors constantly exposed to bacteria, bodily fluids and harsh cleaning agents, disinfectants and sterilising chemicals.

Besides saving money in the long term due to the large reduction in maintenance costs, the products are also environmentally friendly as they vastly reduce water and chemical consumption in daily cleaning requirements and programmes. Studies conducted by manufacturers show that the average quantity of cleaning products used per square metre/per year on untreated surfaces averages between 1,1kg and 1,2kg, compared to just 0,2kg with Evercare products.

Developed by 70 engineers in three research and development centres in partnerships with laboratories and universities worldwide, this unique vinyl flooring not only offers excellent wear rating, but also comes in 13 popular colours, enabling attractive colour coding for wards, theatres, laboratories, ICUs and trauma centres. In conclusion, it is the opinion of Belgotex Floors that its Neptune range offers a high return on investment, making it highly attractive for facilities requiring a floor that can perform far beyond the traditional standards of excellence.

*Sanosol and Evercare are registered Trademarks

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