New Vinyl floors boost Health & Safety

by Darren
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Three new vinyl ranges have been introduced to the flooring industry and all of them were designed to serve the needs of healthcare facilities.

Three new homogeneous vinyl ranges, namely Samson, Atlas SD and PlayOff, have been added by Belgotex Floors to their existing range of specialist vinyl floors that are manufactured for technical, high-specification areas with the aim of boosting the health and safety credentials of their flooring products.

Offering some of the latest hi-tech developments in material technology such as non-slip crystal particles, antistatic properties and innovative construction for shock and impact absorption, these three new ranges expand Belgotex’s specialist medical vinyl offerings (Neptune, with patented Evercare, and Astral with Sanosol) for hospitals, sterile laboratories or environments that have stringent hygienic needs.

Samson is a non-slip, easy-care vinyl that contains special inlaid mineral crystal particles in the wear layer for added traction on ramps, stairways, busy walkways and traditional wet areas such as hospital bathrooms. This product range is designed to withstand excessive abrasion from heavy traffic, resulting in a surface with superior anti-slip safety and grip for wheelchairs, trolleys and soles of shoes.

In turn, Atlas SD, which is available in tiles and sheeting, is a flexible antistatic vinyl floor. The Atlas SD tiles are ideal for access flooring, server rooms or control stations, while Atlas SD sheeting is best suited to support sensitive or operational equipment such as radiology scanners, X-ray machines and satellite or radar machines. This compact, homogeneous vinyl has low electrical resistance (<2 kV) that is designed to continuously dissipate static buildup. The permanent antistatic properties provide a safer environment that prevents electrical interference.

For superior shock and impact absorption that reduces forces from high-impact sports and falls, the PlayOff range is suggested as it has a closed-cell foam construction. This cushioned, non-slip PVC surface complex is suitable for indoor sports centres or courts and multi-use areas. Its PUR Protect wear layer guards against soiling and scuffing for an easy-care floor with a no-wax-, no-buff-for-life guarantee, while the patented Sanosol antibacterial/fungicidal treatment provides added hygiene against typical bodily fluids such as sweat or blood.

All three products were designed to offer innovative and advanced flooring solutions that are demanded by specialist facilities such as healthcare environments.

For more information on homogeneous vinyl floors visit www.belgotexfloors.co.za

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