Vinyl flooring – What installers should know

by Tania Wannenburg
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When it comes to flooring products, vinyl flooring has become an exceptionally popular choice among designers and specifiers.

Just arrived at Tiletoria, Nature’s Floor Vinyl Flooring is a new and innovative floor application, available in colours resembling wood. With 7mm thick planks and a Fall Down Click System, this vinyl is tough, durable and low maintenance.

It has a built-in rubber underlay to improve sound dampening and assist with the click system in locking together. Highly rated for both residential and commercial use, the surface of the Nature’s Floor Vinyl is super embossed, resembling the look and feel of traditional flooring wood.

Installation pointers on the Nature’s Floor Vinyl flooring:

What is it?

Nature’s Floor Vinyl Flooring has a clear lively grain with a layered ultraviolet protection that prevents colour fading. Its patented interlocking system allows the floorboards to be easily installed, without nails or glue and results in a seamless surface which aids in noise and pressure reduction. The boards are easy to disassemble and can be re-used even after many years in use. Each board is marked in order that they are not confused with inferior copy products that make it to the marketplace.

The Nature’s Floor Vinyl Flooring is for interior applications only and it can be installed on, above or below ground. This flooring should not be used in garages, commercial kitchens, food processing areas, heavy industrial areas or where spiked shoes are worn.

Radiant heated subfloors

Contractors are also able to install this flooring over radiant heated floors where the surface temperature of the subfloor is within specification. The floor temperature must not exceed 32˚C and contractors are advised to turn off the heating system 24 hours prior to installation. After the installation has been done, turn on the heat in stages of 5° increments over a 24-hour period. Before embarking on this specific installation method, get the radiant heat company to guarantee that their system is compatible with this type of composite vinyl flooring.

What installers should know

As the installer of Nature’s Floor Vinyl Flooring, it is important that you inspect all flooring products to ensure they are the correct colour, pattern, size and texture ordered. After the initial inspection, make sure you’ve got the right tools and materials for substrate and application. It’s also important to inspect the products for visible defects or damage (seeing as you won’t be able to claim if the product has been installed with visible defects). Lastly, ensure the floor is ready for the installation by verifying the floor compatibility, checking for any signs of moisture and other conditions that may prevent the successful installation and performance over the lifespan of the floor. Substrates must be clean, dry, sound, smooth and flat. A maximum flatness deviation of 0,15% is recommended.


The manufacturer of Nature’s Floor Vinyl Flooring offers a 25-year warranty for residential installations and a 5-year warranty on commercial installations.

For more information about Nature’s Floor Vinyl Flooring, contact Tiletoria.

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