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Vinyl flooring inspiration for 2023

Discover the latest trends in vinyl flooring for 2023 with Polyflor. Explore sustainable options, natural textures, bold colours, and expert craftsmanship for a stylish project.

There are several key trends to watch in 2023. Find inspiration with conscious sustainable choices, natural-looking design, textures and patterns, the rise of biophilic design, bright and bold colours, as well as the evergreen topics of quality and expert craftmanship.

Design trends with Pantone’s Colour of the Year

Following Pantone’s choice for Colour of the Year is always interesting. They follow global trends and earn their reputation as experts in the science of colour matching.

The bold 2023 Colour of the Year, Viva Magenta 18-1750, can be seen everywhere from fashion to design.

Pantone labels the colour as “an unconventional shade for an unconventional time”. It speaks to where we are right now, both nationally and internationally, as the global population look for optimism, joy and strength, new stories, new ways to express themselves, and ultimately to finding hope in a multi-dimensional world.

Back to nature with Dulux’s Colour of the Year: Wild Wonder™

The 2023 colour of the year, Wild Wonder™; is described as “a light and earthy shade with a glowing tone that connects us with the natural world. It brings positivity and energy to our living and working spaces, and is a colour that works with a host of other shades”.

Reflecting the different ways that nature teaches and nurtures us, Dulux have introduced four new palettes that tell the stories of how nature inspires us, these being Lush, Buzz, Raw and Flow.

Plascon is bringing the essence of Africa inside with their Colour of the Year

Plascon’s Sunkissed (Y3-A1-2) is “a sun-drenched, ochre-hued palette, evoking the deep yellow of our African sun and brings warmth and optimism to our living and working spaces”.

Interior design trends: Embracing the Essence of Africa

Despite global unrest surrounding politics, social injustice and the climate and energy crisis, there is a synergy between these influencers with African landscapes, art and design shining through to bring warmth, hope and a celebration of nature directing interior design. The trending colours for 2023 seem to be heavily influenced by what is wonderfully familiar and unique to us here in South Africa.

Vinyl flooring – durable, versatile and beautiful! The go-to option for design-led interiors

Flooring is always a major consideration in any project, where choices should be design and performance led, for a long-lasting solution. Choices should never be based on a passing trend.

Vinyl has really come of age and is fast becoming one of the most popular flooring options on the market. Young designers and architects are seeing this ‘retro’ type product as interesting, appreciating the versatility, performance and design as they don’t have any experience of the garish or institutional look vinyl from previous generations. Their more experienced colleagues are equally interested, having worked with this incredible product before.

With the latest technical innovations and designs, it is one of the most versatile and durable options for beautiful interior spaces that demand more from their flooring.

Exploring natural, warm and versatile options with biophilic design

Driven by biophilic design principles together with the replication of natural materials over recent years, wood look has taken precedence in terms of overall volume, with concrete a close second. It is perceived that wood look offers more possibilities in terms of layout, type of grain, colour, pattern and species, and lends itself to creating a warm, natural, non-institutional look.

With its familiarity and warming tones, Oak continues to lead the way with subtlety. Strong contrasting grain and heavy knots are being replaced with a cleaner and fresher decoration, as natural appearance is still key. It is rumoured that fruit woods are making a comeback but this hasn’t entered the market yet.

Large format tiles and wood effects in flooring

Large format tiles, in wood and stone look persist. These imposing sizes help to create space, with a less fussy overall appearance. Parquet effects remain popular and there is a demand for herringbone tiles, straight out of the box. Currently the more classic and contemporary woods seem to be more desirable, as subtle tonal shifts from parquet works incredibly well in place of more rustic and statement pieces. The Japanese/Scandinavian look it still very strong, but there will always be a requirement for rustic, aged timbers.

The trend is moving away from red and orange wood tones, as the blonder, fresher tones seem to be the way the market has been shifting for some time now. Grey woods are slowly losing popularity. Neutral colours can still be achieved with grey/beige (greige) or fresh blond tones. Grey texture continues to feature, especially natural limestone, concrete and granite effects, while the warmer stone colours such as sandstone and terracotta are making a come-back, which talks very much to heritage and culture.

Natural tones lead the way when replicating natural materials. Flooring base colours are becoming more subdued with less emphasis on colour intensity, which are left to pattern work or decorative accents.

Vinyl flooring: Where sustainability meets style

Sustainability is a key criteria and plays a role in colour choices. As the recycling of materials increases, the importance of colour decreases, with products being accepted in whatever colour the 100% recycled content dictates. While pigments can occasionally be used to re-colour, the importance surrounding a green production method often takes precedence.

Where companies are recycling building waste, the final product will usually be a mix of grey, stone, brown, white and black, which is driving the resurgence of terrazzo designs. ‘Natural’ terrazzo design is beautiful, it looks premium and often commands a premium price. Terrazzo effects are now being featured across the spectrum, from vinyl manufacturers to furniture makers, light fittings, home interior decorative products, counter tops and everywhere in between. This trend has been around for some years now, with no indication of it going away anytime soon. The products in the Polyflor range which feature multi chip decorations, are now completely “on trend”.

This type of decoration continues to be very popular, from the traditional and bolder XL and Classic Mystique appearances, through to the more contemporary and subtle Palettone effects. As more materials are being recycled i.e. PVC to polypropylene (PP) to polystyrene (PS), the obvious decoration is to create a chipped effect which supports the recycled process claim and looks beautiful.

Interior Design 2023: Where bold colours meet sustainability

Strong, bolder colours are still trending, which speaks to Pantone, Plascon and Dulux’s research. This can mean highlights of coloured chips within a broader range of colours, or a palette of more solid complementary colours. This is an area which we can see shifting as designers, architects or specifiers use recycled material more. Decoration and colour are a good way to make their choice clear to all.

Innovations in vinyl flooring – balance sustainability, choice and quality

Responsible vinyl flooring manufacturers are innovating to meet evolving market demands, making it the perfect time to explore the world of opportunity and choice, ensuring you get what best fits your needs and preferences.

The use of recycled material in the production process, the continual drive to improve sustainability, while maintaining accredited, reputable environmental credentials and quality control, yet still offer the privilege of choice, is not a passing trend. It is here to stay.

In conclusion, 2023 brings with it quality, sustainable, natural-looking materials, textures and patterns, complementary palettes and bright and bold colour accents which are all bang on-trend. Be inspired and choose wisely. The world needs more of that.

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