A vinyl flooring expert shares knowledge and know-how

by Tania Wannenburg
Polyflor Lifetime_Denver

Polyflor won a Highly Commended accolade for the Individual Lifetime Achievement award for Denver Coleman at the 2013 Flooring Awards. This awards category is reserved for individuals who have gone above and beyond professional duty and industry norms and Denver Coleman, the CEO at Polyflor, was nominated for this category.

Denver’s professional leadership in the area of flooring expertise has benefited the flooring industry and Polyflor is extremely proud and grateful to have such an experienced individual leading its team.

A passion for vinyl flooring solutions

Denver Coleman is renowned in the vinyl industry. Denver has brought his passion for Polyflor, customer service, technical insight, skills training and gentlemanly values to the industry. As one of Polyflor’s customers commented: “There are few people and companies that build a relationship with their customers like Denver and Polyflor have done and continue to do. Denver has always listened to our goals and offered to find solutions for the various challenges that we’ve experienced. It’s never been about supplying a product, but about being a team and delivering a comprehensive service.”

Denver worked on a vinyl flooring production line in Manchester in the early 1960s while pursuing a diploma in Plastics. After returning to South Africa, he gained experience in practical installations, learning how to fit vinyl flooring in various applications. Over the years, Denver has continued to build a solid relationship with the technical department in the United Kingdom and he is always up to date on the latest developments in the industry.

Polyflor SA was started in 1958 by Denver’s father. Denver joined the business in the 1960s and worked in all areas, from production to sales and inventory (he also spent some time at the Polyflor UK factory). In the 1970s the company was bought and closed by a competitor company and a 20-year restraint of trade was imposed on the Polyflor trade name. In 1992, Polyflor UK approached Denver to re-establish Polyflor in the South African market and – against all odds – he reincarnated Polyflor SA.

Many years of searching for solutions, advising clients, training fitters and solving problems has given him a wealth of knowledge and expertise about vinyl flooring solutions as well as the flooring industry in general. Denver is one of the leading technical experts on vinyl flooring in South Africa and he is regularly consulted by major architects on solutions for vinyl projects. His “Ask Denver” feature in Floors in Africa is popular and read by many contractors, architects, specifiers and designers. This column is his way of passing on what he has learnt in order to benefit the whole industry.

For further information: +27 11 609 3500 / marketing@polyflor.co.za / http://www.polyflor.co.za/

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