A roof is a home, a place to make memories, a shelter and an investment. It is also a project and a partnership with an architect, roof installer and developer. For this reason, BMI Coverland developed Vibrant – a concrete tile range that enhances the look and feel of residential developments.

Fixing past problems with roof tiles

BMI listened to what their customers had to say about some problems they had experienced with concrete tiles in the past. With the assistance of BMI Technical Centre in Germany, they developed Vibrant to address these concerns.

The Vibrant range of benefits are:

Vibrant – a concrete tile range that enhances the look and feel of residential developments
  • Guaranteed vibrant and richer colours to complement any residential estate, ensuring great aesthetics and long-term value.
  • A consistent roof colour across the development, delivering great value for money for developers and investors alike.
  • The unique Vibrant coating is applied on the wet tiles during the production process, which seals the surface and blocks efflorescence from appearing after installation. Its low volatile organic compound (VOC) formulation is in line with their sustainability initiatives.

Cost-effective high-quality roofs

The overall installation costs of BMI’s concrete roof tiles are cost effective, quicker to install, easier to maintain and offer an industry-leading, 30-year roof-tile guarantee.

They also recommend using their technologically advanced dry-ridge system to enhance the aesthetics of their developments’ ridge-and-hip lines.  It is also quicker to install than mortar ridging and maintenance-free.

Contact BMI Coverland for more information:
Tel: +27 11 222 7300
Email: info.sa@bmigroup.com

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