Versatile Vinyl at the forefront of technology

by Tania Wannenburg

A range of vinyl products offers several performance characteristics without jeopardising a room’s look and feel.

Vinyl floors from Belgotex Floors offer increasing design versatility and utility indicated for every specification. Offering an extensive portfolio of flexible PVC flooring solutions, Belgotex Floors are at the forefront of vinyl technology and supply.

The company attributes its organic growth to its diversification and continued investment into this innovative, fast-growing sector. From popular Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) and cushioned (or sheet) vinyls, to low-cost Vinyl Composite Tiles (VCT) or more technical, specialised products such as homogeneous vinyls, Belgotex Floors are designed to outperform alternatives with the latest fashionable finishes and a variety of convenient installation methods.

Cushioned/Sheet Vinyl

Offering three different cushioned or sheet vinyls, namely Crystal, Hartford and Toledo, these flexible ranges can be categorised by their different backings and wear layers.

With compact or multi-layer PVC foam backings with glass fibre mat supports, the Crystal and Hartford ranges are classified as commercial vinyls in quartz- or wood-lookalike designs with a 0,4mm and 0,6mm wear layer respectively. In turn, Toledo has an aerated cushion backing with various decorative designs including the wood-look, faux tile and chequerboard and a 0.25 mm wear layer with an antibacterial treatment, making it suitable for residential use.

Cushioned vinyl is indicated for small or odd-shaped areas and is glued down making it ideal for wet areas such as kitchens or bathrooms. Its soft, cushioned surface absorbs sound and provides comfort and warmth underfoot, while the PU layer makes it easy to clean and protects against scratches and marking.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT’s) – also known as Luxury Vinyl Planks (LVP’s)

Luxury vinyl tiles or luxury vinyl planks have found favour as a stylish and affordable alternative to real wood or laminates. Belgotex Floors provide five ranges with 40 colourways.

LVTs provide the look and feel of wood without the shortcomings of noise, deforestation or sensitivity to water and/or wood-borer. A more rigid alternative to cushioned or sheet vinyl, the term Tile vs Plank is derived from laminates that are photographic replicas of the real thing, stuck down or clipped together through a unilin click system. The major difference between laminates and vinyl is in their composition and water-resistance properties, as vinyls are PVC (polyvinyl chloride)-based and not made from HDF/MDF (fibreboard) which is prone to swelling, rising and delaminating when wet.

These long, thin planks or tiles offer a smooth, sophisticated surface with different installation methods suitable for different areas and budgets. Recent trends have seen the length of each individual plank increase, generally extending from 900mm to around 1,2m with thicker wear layers for improved durability.

1.  Dry-back LVT (or Stick-Down)

Belgotex Floors offer two dry-back LVT ranges, namely Davenport and Charleston with 0,55mm (10% more than the previous ranges) and 0,3mm wear layers, for commercial and residential applications respectively.

Offering rustic wood tones and textures in a variety of authentic browns or grey shades, these tiles are stuck down in brick formation or in different directions to create decorative patterns such as herringbone or multi-coloured tones.

Dry-back LVTs are, in turn, ideal for large expanses subject to fluctuating temperatures such as open-plan homes or offices with exposure to sunlight.

2.  Click-system LVT

Offering a convenient tongue-and-groove installation system that is simply clipped together for an instant floating floor, Belgotex Floors stock two different click-system LVTs including Arlington for heavy commercial traffic, and Oakland for homes. Each range offers the beauty and warmth of wood but with varying thicknesses of wear layers for increasing traffic ranging from Oakland’s 0,3mm in residential areas, to Arlington’s 0,55mm for supreme durability in high-traffic spaces.

3.  Loose-lay Self-adhesive

The newest innovation from Belgotex Floors offers a factory-applied, patented self-adhesive called TacBac to simply press the tile to the floor. Nottingham is a pressure-sensitive luxury vinyl tile range that is simply secured by pressure-rolling over the planks to activate the moisture-absorbent backing.

Ideal for heavy commercial traffic with a 0,55mm wear layer, this range is not limited by any directional installation restrictions and can be used to create interesting designs or patterns using tonal shading or different lay directions.

Vinyl Composite Tiles (VCT)

These semi-flexible vinyl tiles are a low-cost flooring commodity commonly containing 80-85% quartz fillers (composites). VCTs offer increased flexibility, durability and added dimensional stability and VersaTile from Belgotex Floors comes in convenient 300 x 300mm square tiles with a protective PU layer. It is durable, fire retardant and won’t mark or indent from heavy machinery or furniture.

Homogenous Vinyl

Belgotex Floors provide two impervious homogenous vinyls namely Astral and Neptune ideal for the healthcare sector.

These calendared and pressed vinyl ranges are fully flexible and easy to weld for maximum hygiene in areas where infection control, wear resistance and porosity are important. Astral comes with an antibacterial/fungicidal treatment that prevents growth or spread of bacteria and a PU coating for abrasion resistance.

In addition, hi-spec Neptune’s UV cross laser-linked EverCare application ensures extreme stain resistance and low porosity to common surgical solutions, and boasts a superior wear rating qualified to service the hostile demands of gurneys, catering trolleys, sharp medical instruments and high traffic volumes.

Belgotex Floors use only virgin PVC, eliminating any hazardous by-products or contaminants often found in recycled PVC. All their vinyls are certified by Floorscore, CE Labelled & Certified (the European standard) and/or Leed or Reach compliant (the US Green Building Council). Every range is tested and compliant with regulations for reduced carbon emissions and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) to ensure they contribute positively to improved Indoor Air Quality in line with Green Building standards.

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