Versatile and convenient joint sealer

by Darren
Den Braven healthcare Jnl 5 15

An expansion joint sealer that can be used to seal all types of elements, which is also environmentally friendly and resistant to UV degradation.

Considered a convenient expansion joint sealer, Den Braven’s Hybriflex 540 product is designed for effective versatility and to reduce the number of products needed in building and industrial projects. According to Den Braven, it has great adhesion to a wide range of substrates, efficient movement capability and only requires minimum surface preparation.

Hybriflex 540 can be used to seal all types of external or internal façade joints, expansion and construction joints, as well as joints in precast elements. It can also be used for external walling and cladding joints, infill panel joints, curtain walling, window and door frame sealing and several other applications.

An environmentally friendly product, Hybriflex 540 is a one-component, moisture-curing, low-modulus sealant and adhesive, free of isocyanates and silicones and with a low VOC content. It is also chemical- and tear-resistant – an important criterion when one considers the chemicals and detergents used to keep floors sanitised.

Furthermore, the product does not bubble or yellow and has high resistance to UV degradation and weathering, making it ideal for use with backing cord, which is also available from Den Braven.

Den Braven is proud of the fact that Hybriflex 540 conforms to the South African Green Building Council standards and also meeting several international test standards and norms. It is available in 290ml cartridges as well as 600ml foil packs in white, grey and beige. After 24 hours it can be painted with most quality water-based paints if required.

Please contact Den Braven SA to confirm the technical specifications and suitability of our products for the application you require.

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